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Monday, March 19, 2018

The video “bullying” over the dog-robot impressed Internet users

The company Boston Dynamics released a video in which one of the staff prevents the robot that can open doors and walk through them to do it. With the robot, in spite of this, cope. Shortly after the publication of the number of views the video has exceeded half a million and now it continues to grow rapidly.

photo: a frame from the video

The robot, which “bullied” the engineers, has previously appeared in another video — then he simply opened the door with a special manipulator, the forward missed the same mechanism, the manipulator is not equipped, and then stopped himself.

This time the robot is subjected to a series of “tests” engineer several times trying to push him away the paddle from the door handle stick, and then leans against the door so it was harder to open, and then tries to close the passage when the robot tries to overcome it and finally pull mechanism “tail”, causing him to be back before the door closed and spend all the manipulations again.

Of course, the main purpose of these demonstrations is to show that the new brainchild of scientists able to perform its tasks even in conditions far from ideal. However, the robot tends to the door, and his moves are so reminiscent of the movements of a living being that subconsciously it is difficult never to count being with feelings and will. In this regard, the rollers Boston Dynamics rather unusual reputation — many call them a cruel joke, and some do slightly cringe video with scenes of “violence.”

New video Internet users have traditionally responded with a lot of jokes, which amounts to the fact that one day artificial intelligence will perceive this video as a personal insult and rise up against humanity. Many also noted that they would not mind to see how the robot takes revenge for the humiliation personally. And some Russian commentators (probably not seriously) I saw in the video the symbol of brutality of Western society.

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