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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The American company announced the launch of two habitable modules

Already in 2021, the company Bigelow Aerospace plans to launch into Earth orbit, two space station aboard which will work astronauts. As stated in the press release, work on the machines B330-B330 1 and-2 is actively conducted this year.

photo: pixabay.com

Bigelow Aerospace Bigelow opens a project Space Operations, in which the launch B330-B330 1 and 2 should only be a first step. In the future the company’s specialists hope to introduce many other stations, also adapted in order that they could be people. As promised in the company, these spacecraft have become one of the largest and most technically difficult of all inhabited space station ever launched into orbit.

Some media reported that new modules can replace the International space station, funding for which is planning to stop Donald trump from 2025. However, from the content of the tweet is directly should not be. As previously reported, MK, Washington is considering the scenario in which the ISS will be able to transfer from the public sector into private hands. In this respect, a phrase from the message of the American company’s readiness “to lead the movement toward commercialization of space flight involving human subjects” can be interpreted as the fact that the new station rather than “replace” the ISS, and will just have to work in the same format, which then can pass this station.

At the same time, it is reported that the founder of Bigelow Aerospace said he is open to communication with the administration trump.

By the way, in a more distant future, the company plans to launch to the space station, almost two and a half times superior to the MKS in size. Experts expect to send her into orbit with just one rocket.

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