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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

From airborne to TFR: hereditary military told about ways to combat

“There is such a profession — to defend the Motherland” — taught the main character of the cult Soviet film “Officers” of his commander. This business his entire adult life engaged in the head of resurrection the investigation division of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Igor BELYAEV. A hereditary officer went to Afghanistan, for military merit was awarded twice the order of the red Star. He told “MK” about how Italian mine influenced the fate of the officer why he was twice awarded diplomas and Lieutenant’s shoulder straps and for what in cases of poisoning with methyl alcohol “like cures knock”.

The everyday life of the head of the investigative Department Igor Belyaev. Credit: courtesy of the hero of the publication

Small suburban town met me frosty, windy, overcast gray clouds skies and brown snow roads. In the office of the chief of investigations was the singing of the kettle. And five minutes later I was warming up a Cup of strong coffee in hand and in front of me located the owner of “the den” — the gray-haired man of medium height, with shoulder straps of a Lieutenant-Colonel’s broad shoulders and charming smile on her face.

How have you sunk to such a life?!

— It just so happened that I was born in a military family. C the cradle dreamed of becoming at least a General! But mother said: no army, you’re going to have a doctor. Of course, this verdict I do not agree. However, the problems at receipt in a military College I had. In school I was given six years, so after graduation I for admission is not enough two months, take the oath only 17 years old. Persuaded my father to write a letter to the head of Department of formation of the Armed forces. But the answer disappeared. Secretly went to the military Commissar. Wrote another paper, and I exceptionally allowed admission. Passed the exams and was enrolled in the Leningrad higher artillery order of Lenin red banner command school named after the red October. I’m out of this College guy went to war with marching battalion in 1943. His father graduated from, then a brother. I studied at the faculty of artillery instrumental intelligence, has received a speciality of summerisle-topogeodesic. Simply put, it became a fire spotter.

The distribution of the young man got into the Navy, the artillery regiment of the 106th guards airborne division Lieutenant began serving his father. Career of a young officer went up rapidly. In the short time he of the platoon control has become a battery commander. Then there was Afghanistan. In 1987, the young Lieutenant went to serve in the 103rd guards airborne division. Battery Igor Belyaev were located in the Bamyan province. It’s just where in 2011, religious fanatics blew up the stone statues of the Buddha.

— My main achievement during the time in Afghanistan is something that I, to my happiness, has not sent any of his subordinate in a zinc coffin to the Union. And one amusing episode from the life until now, I have before my eyes. Imagine: on the road going “GAZ-66”. Ahead of a sharp turn. Of course, the machine slows down to a minimum. And close already running little boy about ten years old with 20-liter canister and hose. He manages to get them in the tank and drain the gasoline until the vehicle again attains the during!

— I managed to find a common language with the locals?

— When as. This is a very specific people. I, with the infantry stood on the hill; beneath us lay the village. Often seen such a picture. Husband in the morning, wearing galoshes, and winter in the yard. The cold — br-R-R! And he though that, he stomped. 15 minutes passes. Here it is ladies ran out of the female half. Between them starts some kind of fight, shouting at each other, preparing food. The owner goes in the opposite direction. Two kilometers in, we spotted a rangefinder, they feel that he’s coming back. All. In the yard silence! Women and children on the benches scattered, sitting and waiting for him. By the way, ladies out there 30 years old looks like a woman. A lot of work.

The young Lieutenant Belyaev during service in Afghanistan. Credit: courtesy of the hero of the publication

— Why you went into law enforcement. It was in front of a wonderful career military officer….

— Went on the armor. Under the BMP, anti-personnel mines are popping as firecrackers. And then I came across the Italian TS-2.5, to undermine transport. Explosion. I came to on the ground. The road to the Academy this damn mine and closed! Friend the Prosecutor recommended to go to study to be legal. Entered the Belarusian state University in Minsk. During studies trained in office of public Prosecutor of the Moscow region Kolomna, there me and took after his dismissal from the army. There second time I was handed a Lieutenant’s shoulder straps. Started with the investigator. Then became a Deputy Prosecutor for investigative work, and then was appointed city Prosecutor ozyory. In 2006 he retired, but not for long — it was boring.

— In coup d’etat were not involved?

— No. The God of mercy. Although by that time he has served in the special forces of the KGB.

— Remember to work in the Prosecutor’s office?

— I began in 1996. Time, you know what it was — murder is murder. Then human life was not worth anything. So a lot of things. I regret still that didn’t arrest a single guy. He was peeing near the bus station — the disorder! There come to him two police officers and demand to stop the disgrace. Word for word, and the guy got your ass kicked by the guards, pulled the shoulder straps, broke the radio. I ran to the aid of our three, and he and it slapped cuffs. Brought him to me. See before you a slender boy of small stature. Repented. Asked forgiveness of everyone. We felt sorry for him and left on his own recognizance. And he’s in a couple of weeks went and drowned.

— What made you return to the investigative work?

— The birthplace of said, “we Should” and I said, “There!” Asked to return to investigative work. After a brief hesitation I agreed.

— What’s the crime situation in Voskresensk?

— Fully under control! Investigating criminal cases and send them to the court. No time to relax. We can say that our Department is on his feet almost around the clock. Help people felt. In 2017, the case for 38-year-old pedophile. He became acquainted in the same social network on the Internet with a 14-year-old girl. Well, and let her spin. First offered to swap erotic photos. The child was not timid, and with a commercial vein in his head. She him sold, downloaded images of Nudes from the world wide web for 600 rubles apiece, of course, claim it as their own. She managed to sell as many as 12 photos. The man began to beg her appointment. The victim would like postponing this moment.

Maybe she wanted to earn more money?

Maybe. Still, she agreed on a date for 10 thousand rubles, and told my mom. Then joined the detectives and, of course, we. During the arrest the man found in the pocket 4 thousand rubles. Even the whole of the agreed amount is not scored! During the interrogation, he looked pitiful. Probably, I thought, how will look in the eyes of their parents and 14-year-old son, whom he is married (his wife left him).

— Last year in the country, a wave of poisoning by fake alcohol. As you struggle with this disaster on its territory?

— The mass poisoning we have not had but one case we last year have registered. The message came from the hospital, because of poisoning with methyl alcohol, the man died. Began to understand. It seemed to us strange: drank three, including a woman, and killed one. Found out that it is a decent family in the shop, which was selling Shawarma, bought the “elite alcohol” 300 rubles per bottle. Before this incident, any health problems they have not encountered. But we came to visit her husband’s brother. They bought from their “trusted” seller of alcohol, drank it. The woman used very little, well, men, of course, padaleki to “overseas” drink. The guest went home, and her husband the next morning was very bad. Wife called a relative, and he tells her that sober and feels great. The same thing he advised me to do and brother. I don’t know why they didn’t. Would have acted on the advice of a relative, people would still be alive. It was only later we found out that methyl alcohol is excreted ethyl!

— Where this stuff was taken by the dealer in a Doner kebab?

On a phone this is quite at that time, law-abiding citizen, it’s SMS, which said the sale of alcohol for 100 rubles per bottle. I had to go to the specified location on highway Yegoryevsk, where it will be “VAZ-2107” with an open trunk. A certain amount must be put into the machine, and the product to pick up. He did not admit his guilt. Explained that purchase to take a fake alcohol to wipe the Windows and categorically denied the fact of sale of counterfeit alcohol people.

— If you have committed crimes in the medical field?

— Our Department has successfully investigated a case of illegal abortion, which made a leading obstetrician-gynecologist of the first resurrection regional hospital 65-year-old Paul Penza. Highly respected among women and doctors specialist. To him in April 2017 local resident addressed with a request to help get rid of the fetus in the period of 14 weeks. According to the law abortion on the woman’s desire is for a period of not more than 12 weeks. The only exceptions are cases when it is necessary to do this procedure for medical reasons. For example, if the lives of expectant mothers at risk. Our victim of such testimony was not.

— How did the doctor?

— Very simple. He started on the pregnant medical records, have invented a disease. For their services and put her account in the amount of 25 thousand rubles. The woman went to the police. Detectives took the man red-handed after the deed was done. He spent the abortion by medicines that cause miscarriage. Then came another question: where did he take the fruit? Response was not found. Penza claimed to have buried him in the cemetery. We dug all around the indicated man, but the body was never found.

— How much the doctor received for his crime?

— He was sentenced with probation for 2 years. He’s not even banned to heal. However, he now can not hold leadership positions in medical institutions.

“MK” from the heart congratulates Igor Belyaev, and all the men of the Main investigatory management SK of Russia across Moscow region on the Day of defender of the Fatherland. We wish all the staff good health and success in your difficult daily work.

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