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Friday, March 16, 2018

Commander of the Southern military district told about the weapons in the Crimea

Troops of the southern military district (SMD) is one of the most efficient in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. It clearly showed the Syrian operation, which was attended by pilots and sailors of the SMD. How is the training of troops of the district and what skills now learn military, said the “MK” commander of the southern military district Alexander Dvornikov.

Photo: mil.ru

— Alexander Vladimirovich, in what is now the emphasis in the training of troops in this County?

An important goal in the system of combat training of troops is the ability to act autonomously. Now tactical groups are able to make marches combined method at distances of over 500 kilometers and to perform a combat mission. The main emphasis during the training of military personnel is their ability to operate at night.

In all associations of the district is now actively implementing the experience of warfare acquired in the course of contemporary military conflicts. Practiced tasks in the reconnaissance of firing and impact contours, and use of various types of maneuvering, honed skills against the so-called “Shahid-mobile”, we study the “tunnel war.” Tactical exercises of motorized rifle and tank units from company and above, must be carried out in cooperation with the army aviation and with the assistance of the crews of unmanned aerial vehicles.

— The pilots of your district are considered among the best in the Armed forces…

— Every year the events of military training Association air force and air defense YUVO are getting bigger, because now in the hands of military personnel of the Association are all the most modern aircraft and advanced air defense. Flight and air defense units stationed in the Crimea, a hundred percent assured with the latest weapons. At military airfields in readiness are the modern su-30SM fighter jets, helicopters Ka-52 “alligator”, Mi-28N “Night hunter”. Combat watch bear and the world’s best anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 “Triumph” and air defense missile-gun complexes “Pantsir-S”. It’s safe to say that our aces to accomplish the most complex tasks — for example, planting a heavy fighter on a narrow road or an eight-hour flight operational-tactical aircraft with air refueling and the subsequent strikes.

— What can you tell about the training of seafarers?

— The arrival of new submarines and ships in the black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla significantly increase the intensity of combat training of personnel, improve the Maritime training of crew. They practice their skills in the use of weapons of new generation with the launch of cruise missiles “Calibre” on ground and sea targets as with the new frigates, and on Board modern submarines. Exercises of the black sea fleet apply new approaches, implement new technologies and maximize the use of automated control systems.

The Caspian flotilla men practiced live firing and missile launches, and landing on the coast. The teachings of ship groups and Marines of the Caspian flotilla are conducted in specially equipped sea areas of the Caspian sea, on mountain range “Adanak”, and also on unfamiliar grounds in various regions of the southern military district.

Photo: mil.ru

— How many are now willing to conclude a contract for military service?

Contractors today are the basis of the units of permanent readiness. In 2018, the troops of the district it is planned to select about 15 thousand. About 2 thousand have already passed the selection procedure.

— How is upgrading the County’s modern technology?

— Troops of the district received thousands of units of modern weapons, the latest models of military and special equipment for different branches of the armed forces. In 2018, we received more than 1.7 thousand units of armament, military and special equipment, including over 600 the latest models of aircraft, helicopters, ships, radar and anti-aircraft missiles, rocket-artillery weapons, means of communication etc.

— Where else find the use of servicemen YUVO?

Engineering units of the district are regularly employed for mine clearance in various entities of our region. Thus, the demining teams have already cleared agricultural lands in Chechnya and Ingushetia from mines and explosive items, and now continue their work in the forests of these republics. In addition, the sappers of the southern military district travel daily on applications of military commissariats for the clearance and destruction of unexploded bombs and shells of times of the great Patriotic war. Engineering units, air units and troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection are engaged annually to assist the population of southern regions of Russia in eliminating the consequences of crisis situations caused by natural disasters and man-made disasters.

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