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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Physics got a new kind of light, forcing photons to interact

Scientists representing the Massachusetts Institute of technology, managed to unite the photons in a pair of threes. Thus, scientists have been able to make photons interact with each other, which according to the authors of the study, in the future may allow quantum computing to a new level.

photo: pixabay.com

If in the dark to light the two flashlights that will Shine on each other, their streams of light found not to be with each other whatever way, because photons normally pass through each other. This is one of the reasons for “lightsabers”, which is limited in space beam, remain the stuff of science fiction. The specialists believe that if “force” photons to interact, it could be used in a much more achievable and practical way — in particular, for the creation of quantum computers are fundamentally superior to the speed of the computers as “traditional”. The authors of the new papers say that the issue for decades, very often, was dedicated to theoretical studies and various experiments.

In the experiment, scientists tried to force the light particles to interact with each other, in a special way, conceding a weak laser beam through a dense cloud of rubidium atoms cooled to extremely low temperatures. As a result, the photons began to unite in pairs and threes, after which the speed of their movement was much below the speed of light. It is, in all probability, means, that photons interaction — in this case, the attraction. Experts note that such results suggest that theoretically, the photons can interact in another way that would pave the way for development of more sophisticated quantum computers.

The study was published in the journal Science.

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