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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The actress explained video with gay about the election: “It’s in the subconscious”

Actress Svetlana Daw known not too wide audiences to participate in TV shows and series, suddenly became famous all over the Runet. Now the actress, whose audience was previously mostly Housewives and pensioners, getting to know politically active youth. All thanks to a viral video of unknown origin, spread rapidly across the Network. In the video the viewer convinces have to go to the polls March 18, terrible otherwise: the conscription of black, the son of a pioneer and the patronage of a lonely gay.

photo: a frame from the video

The video received wide publicity the previous day. The video shows the average family that goes to bed on March 17. The husband demands that the wife did not set the alarm and dragged it to the polls, and without their right to vote. Then the father of the family has a dream.

Son in the red pioneer tie asks for 4 million roubles to take to school security. At the door banging Commissar with the agenda: the draft age increased to 60 years (behind him is a dark-skinned soldier). The kitchen sits “gay overexposure” – each family is obliged to take to his bail a gay man and live with him in all senses, if he can’t find a new pair. Where is all this who passed such laws? – outraged hero movie. His answer: the President has signed. Conclusion: the need to go to the polls to choose the right President.

The views of the audience about the movie was divided. If not to take into account those who supported the idea of video from and to (in terms of, sorry, “we do not need gays and blacks”), there are many people which have considered video of the controversial but fun. It is currently on the topic of the day, shot with humor, talented actors – reads the comments.

Many did not like the fact that “evil” in this video presented by the representatives of sex – minorities, in other words, the authors of the video suspected of xenophobia.

Svetlana Galka, who starred in the video role of the wife of the protagonist, in comments to the media rejected the assumption that its work is evidence of any intolerance.

“The movie is good. I didn’t think he would have such a resonance, the actress said the radio stationMoscow Says”. – It seems to me that the movie turned out so folk, so “in a forehead”. Everything there is transparent. Maybe people read something in tune with what our Russian person somewhere in the subconscious”.

Mark noted that a lot more claims is supposed to be the Russians to some TV channels and TV shows that give the broadcast profanity and discuss the topics below the belt. The actress also said that she doesn’t know who gave the customer the video: “We knew that we were shooting promotional video for the Internet. I came, fulfilled his task.”

She also said that after watching the video, many of her friends told her that now just go to the polls, “Because many something is stirred up. We take people to readers with higher education, working in different areas – a cut of my age, maybe forty years, these very much understand.”

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