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Friday, March 16, 2018

“13 Putin trolls”: the whole truth about the “Kremlin conspiracy”

Special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller had issued a formal document, telling details about the “conspiracy of Russia” to interfere in American political life. Here is a quick summary of this 37-page paper: thirteen Russian citizens, actively tinkering in social networks, posing as native Americans and organizing on their behalf then rallies for trump, the trump rallies against. Now, it turns out that he is a “monstrous Kremlin plot!” This is what represents a “fundamental threat to American democracy,” of which the US is so keen to say this is the third year in a row! But take your time to have fun. That think is a farce, to be quite farcical political consequences.

photo: AP

Reading signed by Robert Mueller indictment address thirteen residents of St. Petersburg, I remembered a story that happened to French President Francois Mitterrand at the end of his reign. A journalist plucked up courage and asked the President: is it true that he lives on two families and he already has a grown-up illegitimate daughter? In response, Mitterrand gave the journalist a cold look and said only one sentence: “what?!” If I suddenly had a brief opportunity to talk with attorney Miller, I would be asking him the same question: “so what? What noise?”

Imagine for a moment that everything written in “the paper of müller” is true. In this case, one would safely say the following: thirteen Russian citizens spent a lot of money, time and effort engaging in pure nonsense. Their actions made no impact, and could affect. Of course, the question can be put differently. Supposedly, it does not matter that these people have not been able to achieve. It is important that their actions were wrong from a moral point of view! This argument more weight, but it is also quite easy to refute. I strongly disagree with the view that politics and morality are mutually exclusive concepts. But you can’t go to the other extreme. For example, from the point of view of morality, espionage is definitely bad. But espionage were involved, all States at all times. Similarly, all or almost all modern States are engaged in an information war, trying to influence the internal politics of each other.

Signed by Robert Mueller, the document is full of scary words like “conspiracy”. But Muller discovered “crimes” are not worth a damn. In the modern world is full of real threats. Even after the military successes of the various States in the middle East the world’s terrorist underground is not destroyed and only pereprobyval forces in preparation for new attacks. Technological progress increases the chances that nuclear weapons will sooner or later fall into the hands of forces that do not hesitate to use it. Turn on such a background mix-up of thirteen Russian trolls in social networks in the main national policy is, at least, short-sighted.

Why did the Americans do it? Because they have no other choice. They have painted themselves into a corner, exit is possible only by presenting “credible evidence of Russian crimes.” About the ” only threat of Russian intervention in the American electoral process,” was at the highest level declared at the end of the year before. His political capital in this statement is invested with such different forces as the security services, the elite of the Democratic party, the liberal media, the opponents of the trump among the leaders of the Republican party. To recognize that “dangerous interference” in the case was pointless fuss a few incompetent Amateurs, means that for all of these forces from losing face. Therefore, they continue to inflate the scandal, carefully pretending that there was something really terrible.

Of course, any pretense is only a fraction of the pretense. The American political class believes that he has the inalienable moral right to interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries. Such attempts at intervention are not hidden. About them speak with pride. Recall, for example, recent public the story of the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden about how he is in 2016, using blackmail forced the Ukrainian authorities to dismiss the Prosecutor General of the country, Viktor Shokin. Another colorful example: in the autumn of last year, then-Deputy assistant Secretary of state Hoyt Brian Yee in ultimative form has demanded from Serbia to break its traditional ties with Russia, saying it was wrong to Belgrade “to sit on two chairs”.

If based on the principle of “do unto others as you want them to do unto you”, Americans should not be offended by what other countries are trying to pay them back in the same coin. But, with a charming lack of logic, Americans take offense. The whole point of the philosophy of American exceptionalism: we are allowed that another no-no. Angrily declaring “inadmissible the intervention of Russia in our elections,” the American elite and at the same time very disingenuous and behaved quite genuinely. The effect of auto-suggestion is a great thing. What began as a vague attempt by Hillary Clinton to make excuses for your incompetent losing an election, gradually turned into a nationwide obsession.

And this is not funny. Of course, Russia will not give to the attorney-Mueller its citizens. Naturally, Moscow will not “repent of sins” and promises “not to do”. This, in turn, will cause a new wave of outrage in U.S. political circles and mass claims “even stricter to punish Putin and his country.” For that month I finish any article about relations between Russia and the United States gloomy prediction that it will be even worse. And frankly, it’s tired. But the other ending I have, unfortunately, not for you.

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