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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ukrainian General told how he was kidnapped by Russian paratroopers in helmets 1944

Another batch of sensational revelation was heard this morning in the Obolon court of Kyiv, which considered the case against Yanukovych of treason. The judges brought a prosecution witness, Colonel-General Mykhailo Koval, who, in 2014, he held the position of Director of Department on work with the personnel of the state border service of Ukraine.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Photo author: News UTR, Julia Khromov, Igor Korkodil.

After their Exodus from Crimea, Colonel General Koval for a time was acting Minister of defense of Ukraine. Judges, he said that the Ukrainian military was opposed to President Viktor Yanukovych as he considered his tenure of the Supreme commander unsatisfactory. .”The commander in chief has never carried out regular strategic exercises. Any exercise of the infantry. This has never happened…From 2010 to 2014 was conducted gathering of reservists, was the reduced rate of allowances of soldiers.“- lists the sins of Yanukovych Koval, not explaining, however, as it may be associated with hosseni ex-President.

The most exciting moment of the interrogation was the story of the abduction of Smith on March 5 in Crimea. By words the General-the Colonel, disguised as Russian paratroopers attacked him right outside the gates of a Ukrainian marine base protection. “50. Half – biker leather jackets, half – metal helmets of 1944… Car stop punctured tire, it begins to shake: “Where is the Bandera General?”And the two characters stand with a camera and shoot. I go out and say that it is not Bandera, and Ukrainian. Get a bat and a powerful punch, much breath knocked. Fit this fat turnip in form, shouting: “Let him know Bandera has Sergeant airborne!”– recalled the terrible moment, the Koval. Judging by the attire and behavior, this was clearly the “Russian paratroopers”. That’s how they look when “masked”. Well, who else could cope with a Ukrainian General. Then the villains got lucky Koval in the mountains. And then they, about the General said, someone called and they immediately began to behave politely. Even offered to take in Armyansk on the border of Crimea and there “ignominiously expelled”. But the General did not give up: “Guys, do not expect you to play along I will not. You, me or a dead bear or unconscious,” – said Koval about his courageous opposition to the gang of “Russian paratroopers”. As a result, they just brought it to the station in Simferopol, where he went to Kiev. However, he was conscious, and was hardly lifeless… So the question of his desperate courage remains, entrusted to him by the soldiers at that time were still at the base in siege. (output of sea protection of state frontier service from the Crimea began only on 18 March) But the General not rushed to their rescue, and dutifully got on the train. ..

During interrogation, the General as well in detail told, how Russia seized Crimea. According to him, operations were involved in the 104-th parachute regiment of the Cherekha 76th airborne division. 282nd battalion of Marines on the strengthening of the 810th marine brigade. 22 brigade for the southern district of SWAT “steppe”. “It’s all part of who participated. Guide – General Andrey Nikolayevich Serdyukov were committed,” – said Koval. The judges are somehow not asked the General-the Colonel: where did he get such detailed information about the composition of the Russian military units, who visited the Crimea. Not only in the mountains during his captivity he received these data.

In the end, it is unclear what is new about treason Yanukovych was able to tell the court, Colonel-General Koval. Well, except that the Russian paratroopers prefer helmets of 1944…

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