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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The state Duma has cancelled the meeting before the presidential election, so as to not contaminate

Different anonymous sources, “senior” and simply “familiar with the situation,” tired of explaining to journalists that the Kremlin wants this presidential campaign took place in a peaceful and serene setting to positive-minded citizens happily went to the polls and make the right choice.

photo: Alex geldings

Alas, all together strategists, governors and police can’t stop a falling plane or a rocket. But always there is the Parliament, which understands the specifics of the moment, catches the signals coming from the presidential Administration and besides, as they say here, “is set for constructive work with the government.” It is necessary to sit straight and not stick out? Will sit straight and not stick out.

Very quiet and careful we have now I think. In any case, even decided not to meet in the plenary hall during the three weeks before March 18. At first it was assumed that the last before the election “plenary” will be held on March 7 but have now decided that on February 22…

You can, of course, to think that by removing the information field of the already docile Duma, the government wants in any case to deprive a tribune of the “oppositioncandidates in the deputies. But on hunter’s Row is now only one candidate — Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and if anyone can expect from him trouble, not the Kremlin. In 2000, deputies were 4 presidential candidates in 2004 and three in 2008 to two in 2012 to three, but such a long break in the meetings that never led. In 2000, for example, the last “plenary” was held 8 days before the election in 2004 for 9 days in 2008 for two weeks in 2012 over 4 days.


But this is not enough! Until the pile has been abolished and is scheduled for 14 Feb, 21 Feb and 7 Mar “government watch”! The decision was supported by leaders of all factions, that’s how. Thereby deputies have deprived themselves of the opportunity to publicly ask questions to first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the chief of the defense industry and space Dmitry Rogozin and head for import substitution and seed Alexander Tkachev. And we their answers will not hear. As a formal pretext to cancel the communication with the Ministers — “more high-quality preparation for the annual report to Parliament, scheduled for April 11” while the decision technically was spared from having to March 21 to talk about the results of the Olympic games and the preparation for the 2018 FIFA world Cup, the sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov, April 4 the state Duma is not waiting for the head of the Ministry of construction Mikhail men. But, said the Deputy speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, now the report of the Prime Minister will occur in new ways, ask you not 3 the question of faction, and 5, and generally work with the government in other formats, such meetings shall not be terminated. Once 5 questions or 5 times for 3 questions — is there a difference?

But neither the Kremlin nor the government that under the Constitution, waiting for the inevitable resignation immediately after the inauguration of the newly elected President, the extra publicity is not necessary. And the Duma, as a friend, a shoulder.

And the agenda of plenary meetings in recent time consistently cleaned everything that could potentially cause displeasure or irritation of a little bit of a statistically significant part of the electorate. Here are just two examples.

On 12 January the state Duma adopted the first reading of the bill, which is in development as if copied from mossy, born in 1938, American-style institution, “the foreign agents” was proposed to give the authorities the right to declare a “mass media — foreign agents” of any blogger who received at least a dollar from abroad. The second reading was planned in about a week. But for more than a month on the text, “go work,” say the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications. On the content of “work” is not known.

In 2016, the liberal democratic party proposed an Amnesty in connection with the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the state Duma and in connection with the third anniversary from the date of joining of Crimea to Russia. And in 2017, and the Communist party, and the liberal democratic party wanted to celebrate Amnesty’s 100-year anniversary of the revolution of 1917. The Committee on state construction and legislation has long been ready a negative opinion on all these initiatives. Twice the Committee met to consider them, but both times at the last moment postponed the discussion. They say “factions asked for more time for consultations.” Which faction? How much more time do they need?

And a lot more “stuck” and lays himself quietly from time to time.

Duma the President will not darken. He had a will. Once again not going. No extra questions to ask. Once again attention to punctures and failures of Executive power draws.

And once again, nothing banned, no brand, nothing taken away.

But elections will be held.


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