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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The gun lobby of America: tighten the legislation after shooting in Florida

Mass murder in school Florida shocked America. A former pupil of educational institutions in the city of Parkland, expelled for bad behavior, returned to the walls of the school to open fire from a semi-automatic rifle. Until then, while 19-year-old boy was not arrested at the scene police, he managed to shoot 17 people and wounding 15. Despite the fact that schools in the United States regularly conduct training alarm, the tragedy was not prevented. Part of the public blames the state, which for many years could not at least partially to toughen rules of sale of weapons. “MK” asked the expert, what is the probability that after the shooting in Florida, the us authorities ‘ position will change.

photo: pixabay.com

According to police, 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz entered the building of his former school about three o’clock in the afternoon, carrying a semi-automatic rifle AR-15 and a huge supply of ammunition. To lure students out of classrooms, he raised the fire alarm. Fortunately, not all children took the siren seriously: on the same day, the school has passed fire exercises, so many thought that it was a false alarm. But some have begun to withdraw from classes and came under fire from the shooter.

Teachers who heard the shots, immediately realized what was happening, and started to hide their pupils. Some managed to barricade themselves in the toilets. Until the outside came the sound of an unfolding massacre, hiding the pupils wrote a heartbreaking message to his parents. Thinking that the last moments of her life, one of them, Sarah Cresitello, wrote to her mother: “I May not often talked about, but I love you and appreciate everything you have done for me.” Fortunately, Sarah managed to survive. Others simply shared their fear and asked the parents not to run to their aid to themselves not to get hit by the fire arrow.

When the police arrived, the shooter Nicolas Cruz tried to mingle with the crowd running from the pupils, but to escape, he failed. The guards grabbed him and, along with other victims were taken to the hospital. On Thursday, February 15, he must be brought before the court.

The victims of the massacre were at least 17 children and adults, but that number could rise as five people are in critical condition. Life of ten more wounded are being treated in hospital, threatens nothing.

Although the killer is apprehended and will surely be punished, Americans concerned about whether their children to fear a repeat of the tragedy. President Donald trump says there: “My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the horrific shooting in Florida. None of the children, teachers or anyone else should not feel in danger in American schools”.

But how can you provide this same security? After all, Nicholas Cruz’s classmates have long feared and suspected that he might do something like that. 17-year-old Victoria Oliver was described by Nicholas: “at First it was quite sweet, but then just up and changed. I think he was a real future school shooter.”

For disciplinary violations, the young man was expelled from the school. And although everyone in school joked that he was one of those people who can go there with a weapon, no one believed it would really happen. Meanwhile, according to police, his rifle Nicholas bought quite legally and made no secret of his passion guns in school it was noticed with the gun, photographs of the weapons are full and its accounts in social networks.

The American school is well aware of the danger posed by disciples of the arrow, and hold regular training anxiety. But they turned out to be of little help. “We could not be better prepared for such a situation, — has shared with journalists the teacher of the ill-fated school in Florida Melissa Falkowski. — We conduct exercises, we told the children what to do in such a danger… We did everything I was supposed to. Today I feel that our government, our country has failed us and our children. They are unable to ensure our security.”

Mass shooting in Florida has once again raised a wave of demands to toughen rules of use of firearms in the United States. “Nowhere but America isn’t what happens — bitterly acknowledged Senator Chris Murphy. And it happens only we have not coincidentally, and thanks to our inaction. We are responsible for this”.

Nevertheless, research fellow, Center for North American studies, IMEMO ran Alexander Borisov in a conversation with “MK” doubted that after the tragedy in Florida the American gun laws will be amended.

“The Republican government is not expected to toughen measures for the storage of weapons, — said Alexander Borisov. — Moreover, in the USA there is an influential gun lobby, which is directly related to Donald trump and financed his campaign. It is primarily the “national rifle Association”, but not only, there are smaller similar organizations. This lobby is traditionally very strong and influential in American politics. It is not only associated with some individual congressmen, but also go into many parallel committees. They even have some international network.

Request for change of the rules of handling weapons in American society is, but it is very limited. US citizens are generally quite positive about the storage of firearms, especially in small towns. In rural areas, the weapons associated more with their own security, not with the attack, so people relate to it more positively”.

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