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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Putin, the Prosecutor’s office listened in dead silence: the unhappy President

Vladimir Putin on Thursday appointed was interrupted because of a cold “home mode”, not allowing him to participate in outreach events. As predicted, “MK”, he arrived at the enlarged meeting of the Collegium of the Prosecutor General’s office in the building on Bolshaya Dmitrovka. A long public speech not fully recovered, the President was not easy. Almost immediately his speech was interrupted by a coughing fit, after which GDP began to speak in a low voice, trying not to strain the ligaments.

photo: kremlin.ru

However to hear it was all in the courtroom, where in addition to prosecutors, gathered Ministers bunking investment forum in Sochi, the presidents of both houses of Parliament established a deathly silence…

After “Stripping” of Dagestan was to be expected that the main topic of the Collegium of the Prosecutor General will be corruption, especially since such a request, voters have.

In the latest survey by ROMIR 31% of respondents had included the fight against corruption in the top three most important tasks of the state along with the welfare of the people and economic development. Although in 2015 this problem has troubled only 17% of the population. However, the Dagestan Republic in the speeches of Vladimir Putin and the attorney General was not told at all a word, and the theme of corruption announced in the traditional way — say, the struggle must continue and act more decisively.

“In this work the police will take all necessary political support and can rely on a consolidated position of Russian citizens”, – said the GDP. In contrast to data of sociologists, the Prosecutor’s office believes that “in matters of fight against corruption, we are now in a fundamentally different reality.”

“We have a significant array of anti-corruption legislation developed the practice of its application. And most importantly destroyed the stereotype of permissiveness and impunity”, – reported Yury Chaika. But the scale of the fight is quite astonishing: from 30 thousand officials who became defendants in corruption cases in 2017, only 1.2 thousand lost their jobs. The court directed the 35 claims on seizure of illegally acquired property in the amount of 10.3 billion rubles.

On the eve of elections the main focus of Putin made at the social direction of work of prosecutors, noting that law enforcement agencies need to respond immediately to non-payment of wages, to follow closely the issues of providing preferential vouchers and medications, as well as to take under special control the situation with the protection of minors.

Another key issue is the pricing of housing and communal services, for which, the President said, “are often outright scams or organizations that call themselves management companies”.

“If you see that someone is artificially lifts the tariffs, I take quick action. Because of the unreasonable price hikes particularly affect vulnerable populations – families with low incomes and pensioners,” he instructed prosecutors of GDP.

From a reply the words of the Gulls revealed that the issue of corruption in General terms about “the new reality” is not exhausted. Signs of abuse are apparent in the activities of the funds for the major repairs, established by the regional authorities.

“Their work revealed the facts of embezzlement of funds collected from the population, violations of the procedure for the assessment and recording of contributions, performance of works of inadequate quality,” – said the Prosecutor General, adding that the overhaul in the country has practically failed: in 2017, every fifth house included in the schedule, were not repaired. No better situation with the deceived shareholders: on the account remains 836 distressed homes. Their homes expect 30 thousand people in 69 regions of the country. And there is no clear algorithm for solving the problem that competent bodies are still there.

Another hotbed of abuse was the procurement system.

“In October 2017, a criminal case on the fact of theft of 20 front organizations 1.5 billion rubles. budget of 4 billion allocated under the state program for destruction of chemical weapons”, – has told the Seagull. And in just two years, according to the attorney General, it was found 3.6 thousand intermediaries, stick to the budget flows allocated for defense. Total loss of defense industry enterprises from their activity amounted to 18.7 billion rubles.

Almost in unison, Putin and Chaika spoke of the need to strengthen the protection of business from undue pressure from law enforcement bodies and especially — from custom-made criminal prosecution.

Read the material on the topic: “the Businessman from the list Titov: “I am Glad that piled up from Raska!»

“Listen, dear colleagues! You can not see, not to notice is the problem today, and it should be solved!”- appealed to the Board President. And then asked for advice: how best to humanize the criminal legislation? What formulations can be “painlessly and with the benefit of business” translate to arbitration?

Yuri Chaika did not neglect the temptation in the presence of Putin to criticize colleagues from the Investigative Committee, moreover, that Alexander Bastrykin won’t be able to send “back” panel of the RF IC has already taken place, and the President at it came.

According to the public Prosecutor, the investigative authorities there are still many questions — qualitative changes, alas, did not happen. The number of violations of the law up to 5.2 million cases in 2017. “Investigators, investigators, simplify their work to the limit. Under such minimum load and energy spent in intellectual resources, we have the right to demand from them a fundamentally different level of legitimacy,” – chided “transactions” Yuri Chaika.

Mentioned about the upcoming presidential elections: Putin has demanded to fully ensure the constitutional rights of citizens for free and democratic expression of will. The attorney General drew attention to the fact that the activity of foreign organizations trying to interfere in the internal Affairs of our country, has increased. And they are “through other organizations”. The prosecutors, according to Chaika, should be careful — first and foremost, to prevent inconsistent public events. In General, nothing new supporters of Alexei Navalny can not wait. And he actually declared noagenda.

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