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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Midterm elections in the United States threaten to Trump impeachment: intervene if Russia

The heads of U.S. intelligence agencies warned the White house and Congress that Moscow is using “digital strategy” for allegedly “interfering” in the upcoming midterm elections in the United States “deepening political and social divisions of the country.” The top US intelligence accused Russia that it using fake accounts on social media spreading disinformation.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

“We expect that Russia continues to use propaganda, social media, persona under a false banner, sympathetic to her spokesperson and other means of influence in order to deepen political fissures in the United States,” — said the Director of National intelligence Dan Coates of the Senate Committee on intelligence.

Coates and other leaders of the us intelligence stressed the “key challenges” that threaten US in the “flood of Russian disinformation and overlapping protective functions of electoral systems.

The Senate Committee on intelligence in addition to Coates was Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and the FBI Director Christopher ray. According to their testimony, “there is no doubt that Russia continues its efforts, which it considers to be successful, focus on the midterm elections of 2018”. Coates warned that “there are no significant changes (in the actions of Russia — M. S.) compared with last year.”

The warning given by the heads of the us intelligence services, in stark contrast with the public statements of President trump, who openly mocks and above this message, and its media.

The leaders of the American intelligence services argue that trump did not give them any commands “to deal with the Russian intervention”. However, the Director of the CIA Pompeo said that his Department “has a responsibility to do everything in our power to prevent any threat, including from Russia”.

The chiefs of American intelligence services believe that Russia is spreading information — true and fake in order to deepen the political divisions in the United States. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the White house mallet FBI and Department of justice as “infected” by political considerations. This was stated by democratic Senator mark Warner, member of the Committee for investigation. He stressed that “this is a very dangerous trend.”

According to official sources, the US, Russia is not trying to get into the American electoral machine or on the ballot. “While scanning the Internet every day, we have not found credible, specific, and accurate examples of Russia’s attempts to infiltrate our electoral infrastructure, as it was in 2016,” says Jeanette Manfra, leading activist of cybersecurity the Department of homeland security of the United States.

At the moment, according to the Director of the CIA Pompeo, Russia is trying to focus on “influence operations” using social media and other handy platform, but not doing the hacking.

Official representatives of the intelligence and security experts elections argue that Federal agencies and agencies of States, burned on the weaknesses of the electoral system in 2016, has now made significant progress. However, according to Coates, Russia’s intervention in the American elections is “penetrating nature”. He says: “Russia has strategic goals that are not limited only to the United States. Historically the Russians are trying to do similar things. And in 2016, they stepped up their game. They have used the advantages of social media not only in USA but also in Europe, it is even possible — everywhere.”

At the meeting of the Senate select Committee on intelligence, CIA Director Pompeo was asked about why the leaders of the American intelligence services for months negotiating with a certain “Russian”. claiming that he is willing to sell to Americans stolen from Russia’s cyber weapons, as well as “allegedly” incriminating evidence on the President of the trump. Negotiations reportedly were conducted through of an American businessman living in Europe.

Pompeo has described such reports as “extremely criminal, stupid, and wrong.” The CIA, he said, did not pay for this “Russians”, although according to the “new York times”, he got a hundred thousand dollars for cyber weapons, using “other channels”. In fact, Pompeo said, no weapon was not delivered, and the dirt on trump U.S. intelligence refused to accept it. Now the incriminating evidence is in the hands of the American businessman-the intermediary.

Pompeo, apparently, admitted that the operation had somehow held saying the following: “the Information we were trying to get was probably the one that was stolen from the U.S. government.” He and other heads of U.S. intelligence agencies, including Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the national security Agency, drew attention to the complexity of the threats facing the United States, including North Korea and drug trafficking, which each year kills thousands of Americans. Pointing to China, Iran, North Korea and of course Russia, the leaders of the us intelligence services claim that they along with the crime syndicates are the “main agents”.

But back to the upcoming interim elections to the Congress of the United States. The Department of homeland security is trying to detach their agents in each of the American States. Now these “secret” agents have more than 20 States. The Federal government is working to provide States, security-enhanced Internet. “We’re trying to make the American people and their voices were securely authorized and to them one can not be manipulated,” says the Director of National intelligence Coates.

Almost all States increase the protection of their databases and the polling equipment against external attacks, as well as the protection of the post-election calculations. At the end of this week, the national Association of secretaries of state of States will meet in Washington. More than half the time will be devoted to issues of electoral security.

Last fall adopted new standards for election equipment. They require manufacturers to improve equipment safety. State governments blamed those voting machines that give out unreadable ballots. In Virginia this procedure was subjected to the most machines. In Pennsylvania — all new voting machines will generate a paper ballot.

Many experts believe that Russia’s intervention in the American electoral process at this stage, only a hint of what needs to happen in the future. “Russia has learned a lot in recent years, after a series of test attacks, says Douglas lute, a retired Lieutenant General and assistant to President George W. Bush on national security, and under President Obama US Ambassador to NATO. — I think they (Russia — M. S.) learned a lot and are now back on the battlefield where more sophisticated”.

And finally, the “salt” of the upcoming midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. If the Democrats win in the Senate, 28 seats, they will get a majority in the upper chamber at the Capitol. And it will mean that they will be able to put the head of the President trump the guillotine impeachment. To save him from this atrocity – “the goal” “the Russian intervention” according to local observers.

And, perhaps, Vice versa?

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