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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Medvedev refused to talk with bored robot by Mike

Russian investment forum, where virtually at full strength for the last time before the election we gathered all the Russian government headed by Dmitry Medvedev, began its work in Sochi on February 15.

In honor of the big event in the morning in the city people were running – a mass sprint on the track “Formula 1” around the Olympic facilities was held under the slogan of support of Russian athletes at the winter Olympics-2018. In the ranks of the runners was seen by the Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov, which climbed a short distance of 5555 meters. Well, Dmitry Medvedev personally visited the stands of leading Russian regions, who presented their outstanding achievements: talking robots, artificial joints and even cable car and subway.

Photo: vk.comDmitry Medvedev.

“We have today goes first person”, – it is important explained Sochi police, who have established cordons almost every street within a radius of 10 km from the venue. Maybe they didn’t know that Putin’s visit to the forum was not planned, or promoted to the post of the head of government.

Russian investment forum is now called the main venue in the country to promote investment opportunities of the regions. This year it brought together almost all the mayors and governors of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and 41 region presented their expositions at the investment exhibition. This time the key theme of the forum was the theme of “Shaping the future”. Dmitry Medvedev learned, what innovations do you plan to develop the Russian regions, personally having visited several booths.

Began the journey from the stand of the Ryazan region, which is modestly called himself a “digital region” and boasted a hybrid amphibious chassis for build and service robots for various applications. The chassis resembled a mini-tank that can be remotely controlled. Works in any weather – even in rain, even in the fog. The developers also told the Prime Minister that they have a model of an unmanned tractor for agriculture.

Novosibirsk oblast has demonstrated a ceramic joint prosthesis. The need for implants in Russia is enormous – from 180 thousand operations we perform only 50 thousand. “These are the ones that were supplied to Syria?”interested in LADIES. The developers gleefully nodded in Syria such joints implanted more than 3,5 thousand times. The company is ready to produce them on an industrial scale, but need the support of the quota from the state. Medvedev promised to give relevant instructions to the Ministry of health.

Perm Krai wanted to show Medvedev robot Mike. Previously Mike talked to reporters – they sang a song about “the native of the Perm edge” (though, for some reason a female voice) called girls beautiful. But the dance refused. “But if Medvedev invited him to dance?”asked the journalists and the developers. “And he doesn’t care, refuse”, – proudly answered them. But Medvedev to dance was not asked. And even refused to communicate with Mike, saying that every year is talking to him. “Every year it new!”- developers tried to stop the premiere, but he was adamant.

Tula oblast showed the Prime Minister the Tula project embankment (but cakes from the stand Medvedev did not partake).

But dearly beloved of the Prime Minister, Krasnodar region introduced an ambitious project of the cable car metro. It is expected that the cableway with a total length of 32 km will pass through the city and will be a great alternative to the ground public and personal transport, but at the same time unload the trunk. Thus, in the Krasnodar plan to encourage citizens to abandon the movement on the personal “iron horses”. Medvedev called the idea a good suggestion to Krasnodar.

The output Medvedev intercepted by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The capital’s bench Medvedev lingered the longest. The mayor showed him created in 2013, the vendor portal, through which you can monitor all public procurement, to find acceptable proposals and choose the better rates and investportal. “It’s actually a convenient story,” – said the Prime Minister. In addition, Sobyanin in numbers proved to Medvedev, to create technology parks (they are in the capital for 35) cheaper than office centers (for example, parks are filled to 95%, while business centers are only 85%).

After bypass Medvedev hurried to the plenary session “investment in the regions – news in the future.”

“Investment is expressed through money, state support of any activity,” began the Prime Minister. He noted that today in the investment sector there is a revival: “We have provided economic stability, even under sanctions, our economy has become less dependent on raw material prices”. Told about the reduction of inflation, GDP growth, a budget surplus, a record grain harvest…

Now the main task – to create “a stable gaming environment for business and investors” and to provide the necessary infrastructure, without which many promising investment projects today are orphaned. For example, an interesting project in the field of raw materials in the Republic of Khakassia is hampered by the lack of roads, and on Sakhalin for development of projects of Rybprom do not have enough electricity. The government, moreover, discusses the program of infrastructure support, which will allow to implement various projects in installments at the expense of borrowed funds.

Moreover, Medvedev spoke about the plans for the digitalization of the relations between business and the state: “we Have created a network of multifunctional centres for citizens and business while working in the old. It is necessary to digitize the work of business and state.” It is also planned to “save the owner from unnecessary administrative custody” by systematization of all control systems.

The Prime Minister told about plans on creation of strategy of spatial development of regions up to 2025 – this document should define what “specializations” in the coming years need to develop each region. “The map must be not only mega-projects, but the point of force application of small business”, – said Medvedev. The Prime Minister said that competition must be reasonable – the state should not support projects similar to those that have already been implemented in neighbouring regions, if there is no demand.

In General, concluded Medvedev, in the regions needs to be all the conditions that people did not leave – good wages, decent hospitals, good education…

By the way, the Minister for social development Olga Golodets has promised that pensions in the country will soon reach 25 thousand rubles. Well, Medvedev instructed the regions to increase the issue of Federal loan bonds – last year, citizens bought them 30 billion rubles. So pensioners will now be on then pull your huge pensions.

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