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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ksenia Sobchak peripheries on the human rights activist Kovalev: the unbearable shame

“Madam, against all” Ksenia Sobchak unexpectedly for herself, have laid down — in the political sense of the word, of course. Aggressive lady that is absolutely impossible to argue with, I finally found someone who can do it “single-handedly” – the famous human rights activist Sergey Adamovic Kovalev. Sobchak did not even helped her vast knowledge in the field of PR why are there not helped, these “vast knowledge” Madame and brought her to the very humiliating ending.

And do not think that the fact that I’m talking about — Sergey Kovalev its consent to become a Trustee Sobchak — a piece of chalk. It is not chalky, and very large. Major because it allows us to see “a democratic candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation” for what it is, and not like she wants us saw her.

Earlier this week on the website of Ksenia Sobchak appeared cheerful announcement: “on February 13, human rights activist, Soviet dissident and the first Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Sergei Kovalev met with Ksenia Sobchak. He expressed support for the candidate and said that recently he was asked: “For whom will you vote? For Grisha?”What Kovalev said, “No, Xenia!»

I was astonished that the legendary 87-year-old human rights activist began so vigorously to speak on youth slang. Wondered and decided to see the video that accompanied the information on the consent Sergey Kovalev become a Trustee Sobchak.

From the first seconds of viewing I was very ashamed — not for the inexperienced in the PR Sergey Kovalev, and the mistress “of the case” Ksenia Sobchak. I have long been difficult to shock PR tricks of politicians. But this is where I came in complete bewilderment: really Sobchak does not understand that there are things that just can not do that? Did she not see that the antics of her PR team are not just beyond good taste, beyond the pale?

Judge. The screen shows the kitchen of an ordinary Moscow apartment. Sitting at the table well can be seen enthusiastically ranting about something high and Ksenia Sobchak. And on the screen you can see the back of the head Sergey Kovalev — the camera shoots him from behind. Kovalev begins to speak, and the camera close-up shows his bald head. Then the plan changed: in the frame glimpses of different parts of the situation food. As it becomes clear a second later, the reason is that the operator gently passes the famous human rights defender and pokes him with the microphone right in the face.

Mikhail Kovalev. A frame from the video.

At this point I turned off the video almost broke his hearts key on your computer. Look at what was happening was downright unpleasant. And even more unpleasant, as it turned out later, it was to participate.

Here are the lines from the open letters of Sergei Kovalev Ksenia Sobchak: “I thought about my hasty consent to become your confidant, I realized that I had made a grave error. This work is beyond me, and not for everyone…

Of course, I was supposed to understand the situation and to prevent misunderstanding. I have not found. I have been to blame. Forgive me. I wish you success, Kovalyov”.

Found you, Sergei Adamovich, was found. And ask for forgiveness you absolutely nothing – although Ksenia, I suspect, still don’t understand why you are offended. Sobchak, apparently, it seems that her attempts to use other people to their advantage is subtle and inconspicuous. But they are not noticeable. They are rude and clumsy.

If you, Ksenia, really do not understand why Sergey Kovalev you are deprived of your support, I will try to explain again. The famous human rights activist realized that they tried to manipulate what you needed he is not himself, his knowledge and his experience, but only the video with the code name “Sergei, too for Xenia!”And, realizing this, Kovalev took revenge on you for attempting to use — or, rather, put you on the spot.

Very sensitive people feel when they are not respected. People very definitely feel fake. If Xenia anatolevny ever comes to this, it would seem that such a simple idea, it is possible that she has a chance in the future to become a good politician. If not, then she is in this area will continue to be perceived as a random guest from show business.

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