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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Created nanorobots that destroy cancer

Scientists from China and the United States presented a robotic system DNA capable of destroying cancer cells. According to experts, the nanobots identificeret and destroy these cells, allowing oxygen and nutrition to flow to them. To do this, robots need 24 hours, added the researchers.

photo: pixabay.com

Robots are molecules of DNA, woven together. Of molecules are flat sheets, which are subsequently curled into a tube and covered with other molecules that can detect cancer cells. This enables to deliver the drug to the cancer cells, after which create a clot, thereby killing these cells. Blood clots, according to scientists, formed within 24 hours. It is noted that for healthy tissues of the body nanorobots any danger does not represent. Scientists believe that the same method can be applied in treating other diseases that require a point of delivery .

Experts have tested the nanobots on eight laboratory mice. As a result, three rodent survived, and the rest lived about twice that, according to scientists, could without the help of nanobots. According to experts, this suggests that in the case of larger animals the technology would be equally effective and safe. The researchers hope that in the near future, their method will be tested in clinical trials.

The results scientists reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Not so long ago, the world health organization published a report, which stated that the use of alcohol can. to increase the risk of developing cancer, and the degree of risk depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. Later, experts from Dundee University made the assumption that the main reason why age increases the likelihood of developing cancer is aging immune system.

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