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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Media: astrologers predict the “crucial” solar Eclipse of February 15

Tomorrow, February 15, it is anticipated partial solar Eclipse. A number of media reports that, according to astrologers, this day will affect the fate of all people, but primarily to Aquarius. The self-proclaimed experts report that for three days after this event, people in the head will be more likely to come good ideas that can change their lives. In this regard, the astrologers recommend their thoughts to record.

photo: pixabay.com

Partial solar Eclipse of February 15 will actually happen, but to see it will be just to the South of South America and Antarctica, that is such an opportunity not too many people. As for the impact of such phenomena on people, serious scientists no longer believe that such information should be trusted — they are convinced that the position of the stars and planets influence except on the fate of astrophysicists, for whom the study of the underlying processes is part of the career. By the way, even today, astrology is a typical pseudoscience, many researchers recognize that in the past astrology is objectively stimulated the development of observational astronomy, mathematics, meteorology and other fields of knowledge. The same can be said about other pseudo-Sciences of the past, such as alchemy, influenced the development of chemistry and physics. However, their value in conditions of modern development of science is not affected.

It is believed that the popular pseudo-scientific “disciplines” is due to several factors. First, not all people have sufficient natural science knowledge to present a picture of the world as well as scientists, and in this regard, many have a more “intuitive”, though contrary to science beliefs. Again and again “make sure” of the correctness of people allows a number of psychological mechanisms. One of the most important among these factors is the so-called “confirmation bias” that causes you to interpret any event from the point of view of existing assumptions. For example, if the horoscope predicted the man a good day and he barely managed to escape from the attack of robbers, he finds that this favorable outcome attests that the day is really good. If the same thing will happen in the day the horoscope promised trouble, people will pay attention, that trouble had really happened, and ignore the fact that it all ended safely. In both cases, his faith in the predictions of this kind, if it was strong enough initially, only strengthened.

Soon a partial Eclipse that can be seen from the territory of Russia will occur on August 11 this year.

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