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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Indian century”: Surkov called matriarchy is a symptom of the decline of the West

In the romantic day on February 14, the Kremlin gave the Russians the topic is not festive and not idle – ever! discourse: on the role of men and women. Presidential aide Vladislav Surkov published a column in which to think about gender equality and its extreme forms, expressing the view that equality in this matter is evil. Of course, the author’s column. But author is the representative of the highest authorities of the country, and you, how frustrating for compatriots: a matriarchy is decadence and the path to nowhere. Although, today is not March 8. And Valentine this nashinski.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Vladislav Surkov.

“View to the West is a matriarchy, really, comes. Women take power,” Surkov writes in a column for the “Russian pioneer”.

He emphasizes that more and more women are Ministers, heads of governments, heads of state in the end. A lot of business women, women chiefs, “even just some wanton assertive and aimlessly punching women”. And this state of Affairs, according to Surkov, artificially compounded. For example, in Hollywood shooting more and more blockbuster movies about superheroines, even the last Jedi, and Judaica. And the notorious “Winstanley” is generally a sexual revolution that will lead to the fact that men and women will be forced to switch roles on the part of the sexual assault, because sex has not been canceled yet. Finally, British scientists, led Surkov, another example, they found that in the process of evolution men will simply cease to be born, to be born will be girls only.

“There is not advertised (not those times!), but sufficiently widespread hypothesis that the elevation of women (and are always adjacent in the rise of representatives of other nemustech sexes) is a symptom of decline,” – says the presidential aide.

His argument: Aristotle wrote that it is strengthening the position of women has led to the destruction of Sparta. Helena, mother of Constantine, converted to Christianity and eventually the Roman Empire collapsed. And yet – the Tudor family ended up on the officially childless Elizabeth. And when Queen Victoria – in her honor as much as the era was called! – “the British monarchy finally lost its power”. And in Russia, “Indian”, by definition Surkov, the eighteenth century was marked by Palace coups, the rise of favoritism and assassinations of autocrats-men. And the collapse of the USSR is associated with the Raisa Gorbacheva…And the conclusion follows.

Strengthening women’s influence, of course, is not the cause but rather a symptom, a manifestation of decadence, – concluded Surkov. – Political systems encourage women, when exhausted after the rapid growth and reach its development in the late, terminal stage … Their rule techniques and style typically reminiscent of patient care, hassle empty in a desperate clinical situation.”

According to the assistant to the head of the Russian Federation, on the face of all the signs of “decline of Euramerica”. He continues, somewhat immodest, but optimistic: “Only a few selected (or rejected), we know that the decline is always preceded by the recovery.”

Surkov theory is this: when it comes time to die the ranks, to maintain its slow decline, and then to finish off, push it women because men are too smart to take on a case in which nothing is clear. And while the ladies play in the power of men “swarmed” a lower level and prepare the groundwork for a future of new prosperity.

“Tomorrow everything will be again the man-made, man-made, literally – man,” soothes Surkov. To be afraid of us, however, and especially nothing: “Blessed our homeland yet affected feminism very slightly. We again whether behind all, or, on the contrary, ahead of everyone”. Nevertheless, Surkov calls upon men to be vigilant and take care of yourself not to succumb to provocations, “delay and evade”. And disorient the enemy – love.

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