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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Elizabeth II looking for a replacement who will head the Commonwealth of Nations

“This is a real game of thrones” – so the Western media reports on secret discussions about who will succeed the British Queen Elizabeth II as head of the Commonwealth, uniting Britain and its former possessions.

photo: AP

The British Queen will soon be 92 years old – and such venerable age makes one reluctant to think about it “mate”. And if you know that on the throne of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland it will be replaced by crown Prince Charles, with the position of the head of the Commonwealth of Nations is not so simple. According to Bi-bi-si, the new head of this Association is not necessarily going to be the current heir to the throne, although the Prince of Wales and visited the travel in 41 of the 52 countries of obyedinenie.

First of all, what is the Commonwealth? It is an international intergovernmental Association, which along with Britain is mostly composed of her former possessions (colonies, protectorates, etc.): India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other now independent States in various parts of the world. However, they are not alone. For example, in the Commonwealth are countries such as Rwanda (a former German and then Belgian possession), Mozambique (former Portuguese colony), Namibia (former German colony, then occupied by South Africa). On the territory of the CIS countries are home to more than 2 billion people, about a third of the world population.

Elizabeth II was approved by the head of the Commonwealth after her coronation in 1953, inherited the post from his father, king George VI. However, an automatic transfer of posts from one monarch to another is not provided.

And, according to some reports, to discuss the candidacy of the future head of vast enterprises gathered “high level group” (to include representatives of Canada, Malta, Kiribati, Australia, Nigeria, Barbados and, of course, the United Kingdom). As expected, their findings, this group will share with the participation of the April meeting of the heads of governments of the countries members of the Commonwealth. However, as reports the Guardian, in an official statement, the Commonwealth denied that a session of this group focused on the problem of succession to the post of head of enterprises. In any case, is not the fact that at the upcoming summit of the Commonwealth will directly discuss the nomination of the successor of Queen Elizabeth II.

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