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Friday, April 13, 2018

The clown left the circus remains: why Saakashvili, was extradited to Poland

“What kind of biography do our redhead!”- said Akhmatova, when the Soviet authorities arrested Joseph Brodsky for parasitism. Saakashvili is not red, and put it on a par with Brodsky would be an insult to the memory of the poet. But a biography of him too, written by professionals.

photo: a frame from the video

Visit the ex-President of Georgia in Facebook there was footage from the security cameras of the restaurant “Sulguni”, which was detained politician, with the caption: “the Kidnapping of Saakashvili”. They are seen as armed to the teeth commandos burst into the restaurant, scaring their screams casual visitors, and of some of utility rooms by the hair pulls Saakashvili. The video is accompanied by the comment: “he was beaten in the face, all the way to the plane was closed mouth and eyes, threatened to shoot, kept pressed to the floor of the van and the helicopter.

Everything here is perfect: the name of the restaurant, and the number of security forces aimed to arrest the “offender” (three minibuses with servicemen of the state border service and police escort), and their cries of “Down! Lie!”and pulling Saakashvili for hair from the kitchen, through which he tried to escape, and transport it to Poland at some mysterious private plane. The show was obviously successful. Just for whom it was designed? After all, it was possible to detain Saakashvili quietly, without unnecessary witnesses, no cameras. But it would not be so interesting. And here performance of non-stop: the first time was the roof, now a restaurant. Exactly according to the precepts of the late grandfather Sharpe.

The restaurant is generally a “cult” place for Saakashvili. He’s a big foodie and a lover of restaurants. Even as Georgian President and having the opportunity to order your favorite food delivery, he regularly went to dinner in Tbilisi restaurants, which you well know residents of the capital. As soon as Mike noticed in some restaurant around it then gathered the young oppositionists, their loud protests forced the President to suspend the lunch and leave the school. Here in Kiev, the guards didn’t allow Michael to drink his tea. But there is no doubt that the evening after the deportation he was sitting in some restaurant in Warsaw. As slyly wrote to the head of Department of the Main Department of information policy of the presidential administration of Ukraine Vladimir Gorkovenko, “Better to eat for dinner, bigos and golonka in Polish restaurant than prison gruel in the reformed Georgian prison.”

That is, their actions of the Ukrainian authorities explain the “concern” about the fate of Saakashvili because he was threatened with extradition to beloved homeland, which has long made the former President a cosy chamber in accordance with European standards. And it can even be dangerous to his life, because the local inhabitants still remember the exploits mishinykh prison Sokolov in the field of euroreport. In Kiev, referring to the Dublin regulation, under which a person who is denied asylum, sent to the country from whence it came, if this country is safe for him.

However, the deportation Saakashvili was illegal, as against him, the Supreme court of Ukraine had not yet made a final decision. Saakashvili deprived of Ukrainian citizenship by the decree of the President Poroshenko, in September 2017, broke into the territory of Ukraine from Poland, September 11 and asked to grant him the status of a “person in need of complementary protection”, i.e. to grant him asylum. Krajina Migration service rejected this request, the court of first instance has recognised this decision lawful, after which Saakashvili appealed. On 5 February the Kyiv appeal administrative court dismissed his complaint, but the former President is still the possibility to appeal against this decision in cassation. That is, all the necessary legal procedures in order to consider the denial of safe haven final, was not completed. The validity of the temporarily issued to him by the immigration authorities reference was to expire only on March 1. His lawyers were going to Lodge an appeal, the period for filing which has not yet expired. Moreover, after the deprivation of Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship he will automatically have a status of persons without citizenship, which constantly live on territory of Ukraine. In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the extradition of such persons is prohibited.

So if strictly to follow the law, extradition to Georgia, Saakashvili is not threatened. Although a request had been sent: on 5 September the Ministry of justice of Ukraine received a request from the Chief Prosecutor’s office of Georgia for the arrest and extradition of Saakashvili. As reported by the Minister of justice tea Tsulukiani, a similar request last year was sent to Poland, when there was Saakashvili. In her words, “Georgia is not removed and will not remove the request to Ukraine for the extradition of Mikhail Saakashvili”. Tsulukiani said that Kiev had two choices: to extradite Saakashvili home or deported to Poland. “Ukraine chose the second option,” she added.

However, there is reason to doubt that the current Georgian authorities are keen to get Saakashvili. For them, it’s just an extra headache. In spite of everything, in Georgia he still supporters. It is the members of his party and law enforcement officers, who owe him much. Premises of the ex-President in prison would cause some protests. And he himself there would be a new image of the “sufferer”. Poland, most likely, Georgia will not give it, in Warsaw it is already guarded by the Polish police, i.e. the government of this country took him under his protection.

There is another explanation for the hasty actions of Kiev: February 13, Saakashvili should have been questioned in the Svyatoshinsky district court of the Ukrainian capital in the case of the shooting of “Heavenly hundreds” on the Institute in February 2014. Recall that the last time there were witnesses claiming that close to Saakashvili, people involved in this crime…

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