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Friday, February 23, 2018

Sniper revealed the names of the murderers of the Maidan: why is the list not surprised

Nearing the fourth anniversary of the execution of the so-called “Heavenly hundreds” in Kiev. Developments in the centre of the Ukrainian capital from the 18th to 20 February 2014, claimed the lives of 78 protesters and 19 law enforcement officers. Ukrainian authorities blame crime fighters “Berkut” and personally ex-the President Victor Yanukovych. Although from the outset there were suspicions that the provocation was arranged by the leaders of Maidan. And lately it appears more and more evidence. At the end of last year, some Georgian snipers are told to an Italian journalist who and why they were brought to Kyiv in early February 2014. One of these snipers Alexander Revazishvili — now named the Ukrainian politicians, who not only arranged this provocation, but personally shot people in the streets.

the shooting on the Maidan

“Pashinsky shot from his assault rifle in short bursts. Parasyuk young: from a carbine “saiga”, his father: SKS carbine” – said sniper to journalists of the Russian news agencies. Recall that the snipers were instructed Sergei Pashinsky, then the simple Deputy of the party “Rodina”, now — Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security, in December told the Italians and other snipers — Koba, Nergadze and Liens Kvaratskhelia. First of all they were in the security service of the former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili. In Kiev in early February the 14th they arrived on the instructions of Saakashvili. And supervised their stay in Ukraine, Mamuka Mamulashvili, who later became the head of “Georgian Legion” in the area of ATO. According to snipers, the orders they gave Pashinsky, who ordered to shoot anywhere to cause a panic. And in Kiev were brought in the same way snipers from Lithuania and from other countries. They were told that their goal was to organize the safety of the protesters on the Maidan. But when on 20 February I received an order to shoot at civilians, many refused. But the organizers were fired without hesitation…

That the shootings involved Sergey Pashinsky talked February 20, 2014 — after the Deputy fought off protesters at a black Honda in the trunk which was discovered a sniper rifle. The protesters had dragged the driver wanted to Lynch. But that appears Pashinsky got in the car and left together with the weapon in an unknown direction. Later he explained his behavior: “I came, I saw that the driver of the car, one of our activists, and our activists, as already mentioned, almost all know in person. It was an ordinary hunting rifle. I saw no problems with this guy.”. Formally, this confirms the version of the Georgian snipers about what Pashinsky was their handler – “knew everyone in the face.” He just helped hide the next arrow from the crime scene. By the way, during the Maidan and Pashinsky himself drove in his car a weapon. This was confirmed by the head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk. Live Hard Talk. Live he said that the Deputy carried with him a rifle with a telescopic sight for self-defense. “In accordance with the explanations, he didn’t even try to use it, I mean – he has taken him for their own protection” — said Gorbatyuk.

With the centurion Maidan Vladimir Parasyuk still easier. During the February event, he even did not hide that is ready to use weapons. “I speak from my hundreds where is my father who came here: if you tomorrow before ten o’clock not release a statement to Yanukovych were to resign, we go to assault with a weapon, I swear!”- broadcast Parasyuk with barricades. No wonder that he and his father came from the same weapon. Many of the protesters admitted that February 20 was actively shooting.. For example, activist Ivan Bell did not conceal that he shot the soldiers of “Berkut”, “I chose those who he commanded. Could not hear, but saw the gestures. The distance is small, so the two commanders took only two shots… Say that I killed them in the head, and it’s true. It turned out that they were standing back to me…The rest I didn’t need to kill, just hurt in the legs. I left the Conservatory and began to move along the barricades. Shot, creating the appearance, if we have twenty to forty machines. I asked the boys to, I had a small crack in the boards.” Where flying these bullets?

All the recognition. The surprise is the fact that to this day in the courts, the representatives of the current authorities are trying to prove: the “Heavenly hundred” shot “Berkut”. Who, then shot the 19 policemen, including 8 berkutovtsy? But it is clear that under the current regime the truth will hide all the forces. After all, those who committed this provocation, are now on the top of power.

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