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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Moldovan gag: the expert said, when the country will resume the broadcasting of Russian media

In Moldova, entered into force a law banning “Russian propaganda.” So the Republican authorities have described the news and information and analytical programs broadcast from Moscow. As stated by the head of the Coordination Council on television and radio (CCA) Dragos Vicol, most Moldovan media fulfilled the requirement of the law, however, were the offenders.

the building of Parliament of Moldova

According to supervising body, 9 TV stations and 2 radio stations on February 12 aired Russian “sanctions”. In particular, among the “smugglers” was a TV Gagauzia TV Gagauzia. Earlier, the head of region Irina Vlah said publicly that do not obey the decision of Chisinau. According to the law, first offenders will be fined on 40 thousand lei (about $ 2,400), and if monetary loss has no effect, then take away the license. On the other hand, the TV channels “RTR-Moldova”, “NTV-Moldova” and “REN TV Moldova” did not show transfer from their parent institutions.

We will remind that the law on the prohibition of “Russian propaganda” was published, the Constitutional court of Moldova had to temporarily suspend from office the President of the Republic Igor Dodon. Instead, the document was signed by the head of Parliament Andrian CANDU.

In addition, as shown by a survey conducted by the Association of sociologists and demographers of the country, only 16.3 percent of Moldovans surveyed support prohibitions. Against anti-Russian sanctions made 64.2% of the inhabitants of the Republic.

Despite this, state media Moldova continue to convince their citizens that the decision of Chisinau correct and useful. In particular, the ban on Russian gear is due to “oennaya support Moscow’s support for Transnistria, stimulation Soviet nostalgia, hindering the integration of national minorities in the Moldovan society, as well as the discrediting of the fundamental European values.»

Meanwhile, the Moldovan independent journalism Center and independent press Association in may 2017 prepared a report which concluded that the Russian media really do propaganda. In particular, they tell us only those facts that support their view of events, with the same purpose, allow myself to interpret or selectively quote the source of information, give the journalist the truth to the people and so on.

However, even with all these disappointing findings, both organizations spoke out against the prohibition of broadcasting in Moldova Russian news and analytical programs. As explained by the Director of the Association of independent press Petru Macovei, such measures anywhere in the European Union, including the Baltic region. Instead, the Europeans resorted to injunctions, when it turns out that the transfer crossed the line.

On issues of freedom of expression in Moldova “MK” told the head of the Association of independent press of Republic Pavel Macovei:

According to our data, the majority of Russian media is indeed a propaganda stands, which spread lies about the EU and Moldova. At the same time, we have very strong domestic propaganda. The biggest owners of Moldovan media are the head of the ruling Democratic party Vladimir plahotniuc and President Igor Dodon, who all forces from the country survive any journalists wishing to objectively inform people about events in the country and the world. In particular, the company of Plahotniuc and Dodon entered into a cartel to co-chair the advertising market of the country. Several media outlets filed a lawsuit, in order to prove this crime, but it is unlikely that anything will come of it.

In 2018 in Moldova parliamentary elections will take place and this act of the ruling party is trying to guarantee a victory or at least a favorable balance of power. So now the Russian propaganda will replace Moldovan. Monitoring compliance with the law will be tough, as the Coordination Council is also under control of the ruling party, although by law it needs to be independent.

– There is something to replace the Russian transfer?

– Before to ban the broadcasting of Russian TV programs in the broadcasting code was amended to oblige the media from 6 a.m. to 24:00 at least 8 hours to give a transmission in Romanian language. It was sort of a preparatory step. At the current stage, television and radio are unlikely to invent a new pass to plug the holes, as it is too expensive. Most likely, they will just give you replays of previously released gear. Fortunately, the law does not stipulate how many times can you twist the same air.

– It is possible to overturn a ban on broadcasting of Russian programs?

– Before the election it will not happen, and after that it is possible. In the end, this law was not dictated by urgent social-political necessity. Despite the fact that the problem is the dominance of propaganda in our media exists, it is not important enough to drop everything and just take it. Just Plahotniuc has personal problems in Russia (30 Nov 2017 Basmanny court in absentia arrested him on charge in preparation of murder of the Russian banker Herman Gorbuntsov – note “MK”), and thus he wants to put pressure on their partners in Moscow, parallel to the West demonstrating the struggle against the corrupting influence of the Kremlin.

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