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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why would the leader of the Democrats in Congress broke the record for the length of the speech

“Mr. Smith goes to Washington” is the title of the movie from the Golden Fund of American cinema. Mr. Smith, naive, but honest man, just elected Senator, plays a screen star Jimmy Stewart. Arriving in Washington, Mr. Smith discovers that a group of unscrupulous businessmen trying to deceive his constituents. The only way to stop them is flibustiers. Yet he says in the Senate, all decisions are frozen. And so begins the seemingly unequal struggle Smith-Stuart vs dirty businessmen and corrupt senators. Mr. Smith says without interruption, which is required by flibustiers. Says day, the second, literally valyas feet. His feat help the press and the public. And that’s when the forces of Mr. Smith seemed to have dried up, he supports the Senator who started all this mess. Senator getting through. Justice and democracy prevail.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

a scene from the movie “Mr. Smith goes to Washington

You say that in life this does not happen. This does not happen. But something similar happened last week in the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States. The minority leader Mrs. Nancy Pelosi took the floor when the clock was showing 10 hours and 04 minutes in the morning. She defended the so-called “dreamers” — young immigrants without documents confirming their right to life in America. Their removal requires the President trump, attributing the “dreamers” all sorts of sins and crimes.

In the House of representatives is not the principle of the Senate filibustering. However, Pelosi has broken all records of duration of speeches in the house. According to historical records, the previous record was set in 1909 and referred to the whipping mortgages.

Mrs. Pelosi 77 years. It may not boast the young Mr. Smith. Once again she showed that her stamina is hardly rivals in Washington. Rivals-the Republicans have tried to nullify feat Pelosi. Congressman Jeb Hensarling from Texas sarcastically muttered: “Some people come in to the house to make speeches, and some to make the laws, I prefer short speeches as the Gettysburg of Abraham Lincoln, which lasted only 2 minutes, but which was memorable for its content and eloquence.”

Pelosi said she would not vote for the expulsion of “dreamers”. She resented the fact that they have no legal protection. They were brought by parents in the United States illegally when they were infants. From time to time to make “dreamers” in the United States were covered by the so-called DACA program, created at the initiative of President Obama. But trump interrupted the action, DACA.

Record speech, Pelosi almost immediately dubbed the “engine DACA”. Under this name she now roams the Internet.

Speaking in the house of representatives more than 8 hours, Pelosi has used the so-called “rule magic” that allows the leaders of both parties and the speaker of the house to speak as much as they want. Above I wrote that the previous record for the length of slovakofarma in the chamber was installed in 1909. The record belonged to Congressman Campu Clark from Missouri and was 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Mrs. Pelosi read out a heartbreaking calls “dreamers”. Among them were calls Andrea Sibra, who served in the ranks of the U.S. air force; Carlos Gonzales, assistant to Congressman Michael Honda, Democrat from California; al the Walker, whose father was killed by the Nigerian police for a critical article published by them against Nigerian dictators.

When speaking of the “dreamers” dried up, Ms. Pelosi as the real filibuster decided to start reading the Bible. She promised to bring a rosary, which was blessed by Pope Francis.

Under the protection of Obama’s DACA were 690 of thousands of young undocumented immigrants. More than 1 million “dreamers” may require U.S. citizenship, but does not do so in order not to attract the authorities ‘ attention. In September last year, trump terminated the DACA program and give Congress 6 months to develop its replacement. Democrats tried to link the adoption of this new program to the mandatory law on costs and thus to protect the rights of “dreamers”.

The Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell has promised to conduct an “open debate” in the Senate on the issue of immigration law with the right of amendment. Ms. Pelosi called on speaker of the house Paul Ryan to hold a similar “open debate” in the house of representatives, However, spokeswoman Ryan stated that he does not intend to pursue “free debate” that he would support the bill of the President of the trump. That was the political atmosphere at the Capitol, and in Washington and in the country, when lady Nancy Pelosi has established a record of duration of speeches in the house of representatives.

Twitter admire the fact that 77-year-old woman broke the record without taking off of one of her shoes, heels and some had a length of 10.16 centimeters!

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