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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The structure of the Earth declared “contrary to the laws of physics»

A group of American researchers from the University of Case Western Reserve, came to the conclusion that the composition of the inner core of the Earth is quite “paradoxical”. According to scientists, in any scenario of development of our planet, the composition almost certainly would have to be different.

photo: file.army

It is believed that the core of the Earth consists of more than one layer, and the inner part consists of hard metal and the outer of molten iron and lighter elements. It is assumed that the structure of the core were formed in the first moments of the existence of the planet is 4.2 billion years ago. Nevertheless professionals compiled a computer model of the Earth formation has shown that theoretically such to occur it should not, and the kernel should be either completely solid, or, conversely, to remain completely liquid. Scientists explain that if the original kernel was uniform, then it could not appear solid the inner part. At the same time, at the moment, scientists have no answer to the question, which allowed the planet to be heterogeneous immediately.

Experts do not question the fact that the Earth’s core layers with, in particular, because this explains the many characteristics of the magnetic field of our planet. However, scientists suggest that humanity is much worse imagine the initial stage of planet formation, than could seem informed. As one of the possible scenarios, the specialists consider the formation of a piece of metal the size of a city rushing to the center of the nucleus, but in this case it remains unclear how it was formed and why it is not dissolved soon after. Scientists suggest that now geologists should find answers to your questions.

The study was published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

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