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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Israeli military told about the downed Iranian drone

In Israel, the Ministerial Committee on security held a meeting to discuss the situation in the North in connection with the collision, which involved the Israeli military and forces of the Syrians and the Iranians. Some Ministers made tough enough for the beginning of full-scale hostilities not only against affiliates with Tehran structures, based in Syria, but against Iran itself.

photo: theiranproject.com

Since the beginning of this month, the situation in the middle East becomes even more tense. We will remind that on February 8, the Western coalition under the leadership of the United States attacked the positions of the supporters of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The next day it became known that the Turkish “operation Olive branch” held in the Arab country since January, is still far from complete, and the President Erdogan is going to move into the country, to the of Idlib. In this province February 3, was shot down by Russian military aircraft.

A Syrian anti-aircraft defences managed at the end of last week to shoot down Israeli F-16 (the pilot managed to eject). Against this background, Israel launched the biggest campaign against enemy air defenses since the Lebanon war of 1982. On 10 February, the tel Aviv attacked twelve targets in Syria, four of them Iranian facilities, eight – Syrian.

The Israeli military has shared details about the downed Iranian drone – according to them, it is based on a U.S. drone captured by the Iranians, six years ago. The Israelis tracked bespilotnik since its launch in Syria and to infiltrate Israeli airspace. Debris brought down by the attack of an Apache helicopter drone fell near the town of Beit Shean.

Representatives of the Israel Defense forces said that “it was a defensive action provoked by an act of aggression by Iran.” In Iran, as CNN reports, reports of downed Drona replied that the government and the Syrian army have the legitimate right to protect the territorial integrity of the country. As you know, in Syrian conflict Tehran are a supporter of the government forces of President Assad. At the same time between Israel and Iran have long existed deep controversies, the root of which lies in the fact that Tehran opposes the very existence of the Jewish state. The activity of the Iranians in Syria Israelite considered as threatening the security of Israel’s attempt to establish regional hegemony.

Education Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett, who is also part of the Commission on security questions in one of the recent public statements made clear that Israel, in his view, it is time to stop fighting only with the “tentacled octopus” (referring to the Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah and the Palestinian movement “Hamas”), instead, is the time to strike at the “source of evil” – Iran. “The Persians are a tricky game, they are constantly threatening us, while they themselves are safe. In such a situation they have no incentive to stop the confrontation,” – said the Minister of education. However, Israeli officials, expressing its determination, consider all the usage of military means as a last resort. According to the official position of tel Aviv, Israel is not interested in escalation of tensions in the region.

Despite the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an official announcement on the change of strategy of the country against Iran, Israeli strikes, struck on Saturday on Syria, it can be interpreted as the decision of tel Aviv to change the rules of a long-standing confrontation in the middle East.

Israeli observers note that the Iranian press that the incident was not presented as a clash between Israel and Iran in the spirit of a proxy war, and as the confrontation between especially Israel and Syria.

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