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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Scientists have recreated the face of the mother of Tutankhamun

Using 3D technology, Egyptologists, represents the University of Bristol, found what looked like a woman, a mummy which was discovered in the valley of the Kings in the late nineteenth century. It is assumed that the ancient Egyptian woman — the mother of Tutankhamen, and the obtained results give a new chance almost entirely rejected in the past version, that she was Queen Nefertiti.


The mummy “Younger lady”, as she is known to archaeologists, was found in 1898, and originally experts believed that it belonged to the young man, as her head was shaved. It later turned out that it was a woman, and the results of the genetic analysis allowed to find out that it was the daughter of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, the wife and sister of Akhenaten and mother of Tutankhamun. In the past, this would be considered evidence in favor of the fact that “Young lady” — Queen Nefertiti, but today experts are almost completely sure that, even Tutankhamun was raised in a family of Nefertiti, his mother she was not.

However, restoring the appearance of women, the study’s author Aidan Dodson came to the conclusion that the mummy could be Nefertiti, in any case, many of its features match the surviving descriptions of the Princess and discovered in 1912, her sculpted bust. However, as the portal 3ders.org most of the colleagues Egyptologist believes this assumption is too bold.

Nefertiti — “main wife” Egyptian Pharaoh of the New Kingdom of Akhenaten and probably his cousin. Modern Egyptology is a widespread assumption that she’s the daughter of nobles ay, of one of the companions of Akhenaten. There is also a version according to which Nefertiti is a Mitanni Princess, sent to the court of Akhenaten’s father — in favour of the foreign origin of the Queen is demonstrated by the fact that her name means “the Beauty has come”. There is speculation that the mummy of Nefertiti may be in a “secret room” of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

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