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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Anthropologists called unexpected the reason why the Neanderthals were not able to draw

Despite a fairly large brain, Neanderthals, unlike CRO-magnon, were not able to put on the walls recognizable image. In a recent study, experts from the University of California, Davis have suggested that to draw a reasonable man learned by practicing more complex hunting techniques.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Although hunting was a very common “theme” of the petroglyphs discussed in the study is not about the fact that the hunt served as an “inspiration” for painting or what better methods of obtaining food left the ancient people time for self-actualization. This interpretation would seem even less appropriate, considering that in ancient times figure, most likely, was treated not as a creative in the modern sense, but as a kind of magic, which allows using the image of the phenomena to their power. However, the authors of the new papers found that hunting demanded that the ancient people of the same skills that later cave painting.

Neanderthals dealt with the prey and to defend themselves against a predator in melee. At the same time Homo sapiens rather quickly invented a light spear in order to hit animals in the distance before they feel danger. Probably in Africa, the production was more careful and attentive, and forced the ancestors of modern humans to master throwing weapons.

This method demanded that the ancient hunters good eye and motor skills and coordination, while allowing him “to work” hands and eyes. This was the reason why the relevant parts of the brain of ancient people began to develop, which subsequently allowed them to learn painting. Scientists do not exclude that in the long term it is the use of projectile weapons allowed humans to become more intelligent Neanderthals, because of which the latter died out and Homo sapiens survived and took his present place on Earth.

As evidence in favor of his hypothesis, scientists report the observation that modern animals, seeing people, trying to move away from them at a distance, which hardly will overcome a primitive throwing spear. Experts see this as the result of natural selection and that the less cautious animals tens of thousands of years ago became the prey of man.

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