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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Why Israeli airstrikes on Syria “complicate the situation for Russia»

Saturday, February 10, Israel attacked twelve targets in Syria, four of them Iranian facilities, eight – Syrian. According to the statements of Israeli generals, was made the largest action against enemy air defenses since the Lebanon war of 1982. The Israeli military say about the complete success of the operation. What reasons prompted tel Aviv to take such drastic action? “MK” leads the experts on the situation in Syria, where Israel seems to become one of the key players.

Photo: Israel Defense Forces.

According to the representative of army of Defense of Israel Jonathan Conicus, on Saturday the country’s air force carried out two major attacks. After penetration of the Iranian drone into Israeli airspace, an Israeli military attacked directly control this aircraft, which was on the territory of Syria, but belonged to Iran. According to media reports, Israel the operation involved eight fighters, which were met with fire from Syrian air defenses. According to the statements of the Israeli military, their fighters were fired after returning when they were in the airspace of their country.

Describing this fact as an aggression and violation of sovereignty, the Israeli army attacked twelve targets in Syria. Four of them were targeted by Iran, eight – Syria. The representative of army of defense of Israel Conicus indicated that “it was a defensive action provoked by an act of aggression by Iran.” He also stressed the intention to “protect the sovereignty, airspace and the civilian population of Israel.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the actions of the Israeli air force in Syria with the Prime Minister of this middle East state Benjamin Netanyahu. The press service of the Kremlin reports that “the Russian side expressed the hope to avoid any steps that could lead to a new round threat for all conflict in the region.” At the same time, the United States supported Israel’s right to defend its sovereignty.

Recall that Iran and affiliated with it group Hezbollah are active participants in the Syrian conflict, speaking on the side of Pro-government forces. For this reason, in Syria, placed the number of Iranian military facilities. Earlier it was reported that Israeli air force had launched air strikes strikes on Syria, but tel Aviv never gave official confirmation. In 2016, the media speculated that the Israeli air force attacked a military airfield in the suburbs of the Syrian Damascus. Later, in 2017, the bombardment of the airport in the heart of Damascus. Blown then the objects used for the storage of weapons for Iran and its allies, particularly Hezbollah.

“The situation is complicated for Russia, – says “MK» chief researcher, Institute of Oriental studies Irina ZVYAGELSKAYA because our country is in good relations with Iran and Israel, and between these countries there are deep contradictions, which have only escalated in connection with the incident.

Israel has always stated that he intends by any means to defend its sovereignty. In this case these funds the military. This is not the first Israeli attack on Syria, he was attacked by those powers it deems hostile, it is, in particular, Hezbollah”.

The expert explained that the participation of Israel in the Syrian conflict with a high probability will be limited to the protection of their interests and security.

The deployment of Russian troops in Syria. Chronicle of events

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