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Monday, February 19, 2018

Superpower syndrome: the greatness of a country is determined by the compliance of the plans and reality

Yes, really want to be great! Us and the Americans, and probably other Nations too. But if there are countries that it does not advertise in the United States talking about it directly. What Donald trump was the campaign slogan? That’s right: “We will again make America great!”(“We will make America great again”).

photo: Alex geldings

Okay the USA, they have to think first. And we do what you want? Yes, the same is to be great, although any similar to the us, official slogans and we have not. Today, more than two thirds of our countrymen, according to opinion polls, believe that Russia is a superpower. For example, the results of the survey “Levada-Center” in November 2017 recorded that a record number of respondents — 72 percent — considered their country a great power.

Not far behind in extolling the greatness of their country from the common people and the authorities. However, why not behind? Ahead, without a doubt, ahead. And, in General, it is clear why. If Russia today is a superpower, it is the merit of someone? Of course, authorities.

It is not surprising that recently in relation to Russia even have special terms with the prefix “over “. For example, in the autumn of last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev participated in a meeting to discuss the implementation of section “agricultural superpower” of the election program of the party “United Russia”, as on the government website was given to the report. And if you go back even a few years ago, we can recall how at the top persistently said that Russia must become an “energy superpower”. You can develop this fashion on the specification of the Russian superpower: space, nuclear, and sports…

Thus, the authorities in the 2000s, keenly captured the request of the people to the greatness of their country and superpower. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, after the severe economic downturn of the 90s of the last century it was necessary to raise the country “to its knees”, to restore people’s confidence in the fact that they live in a great power.

And it did, as I could continue to do so today, incorporating the full power of the propaganda in state media. I’m afraid that’s just what propagandists overdone. And now we have another problem — inflated self-esteem.

No, nobody says that you have to be modest, keep a low profile and to apply. Low self-esteem should not be, unambiguously. Self — esteem- it should be mandatory. The wisdom of many peoples of the world is talking about it. For example, there is a Japanese proverb “do not respect myself and others will not respect you”, but English — “respect yourself if you want to be respected”.

But where is the line through which much-needed self-esteem becomes inflated self-esteem? It is difficult to feel. Of course, theoretically you psychologists will list a number of criteria, evidence the problem of high self-esteem: confidence in self-righteousness, lack of self-criticism, the desire of all the troubles and failures to blame others and so on. But that’s the theory, but in practice? In practice, about high self-esteem may best be seen in the discrepancy between plans and intentions with what actually happens.

And here is the time to return to Russia and appreciate our greatness in accordance with objective evaluations. Let’s start with the above mentioned idea of turning Russia into an energy superpower. First, the facts: in the global energy balance the weight of our country has not increased. On the contrary, in recent years even declined, according to the International energy Agency, Russia’s share in energy production dropped from 10.5% in 2004 to 9.7% in 2015. m. however, its application to energy superpower, we stimulated these processes, it would be better if it was not. In particular, in response to ambitious statements of our authorities in EU countries started talking about the need to reduce energy dependence on Russia. And some talk, as you know, is not limited to: diversifitsiruetsya gas supplies to the European market; decisions that impede the implementation of the project “Nord stream 2” and so on.

In the US, meanwhile, actually happened the shale revolution in oil production, which we were urged by his own hopes on a quick energy superpower, happily slept. Remember, all these estimates from the official ones to the authorities of the persons that this whole shale revolution was complete bullshit? It turned out that it’s not nothing, and today we are forced to take measures for the development of shale oil production. But the time is lost. This lost time — many billions of dollars due to falling oil prices in 2014-2015 and due to the fact that the opportunities in shale oil production if it will be implemented in our country, with very big delay.

Now we really wanted to become an agricultural superpower. Everything is exactly calculated? We can not understand that, once a country declares its intention to become a superpower in any field, as soon as a powerful way stimulates other countries too, if not to counteract it, not foster for sure. What competition: no one wants anyone else dominated. And we need this? The experience with the idea of an energy superpower clearly indicates that there is.

Now about your plans meet reality, as it is a realistic assessment of what you have achieved, and suggests, is your inflated self-esteem or not. Obviously, if reality is clearly worse plans, so there are problems with self-esteem.

Take close to me economy. How do you assess the situation in her power? In the early autumn of 2017 we heard from authorities such estimates: the crisis is over, the economy is gaining momentum, it entered a new phase of economic growth. Let’s see where she “went” and which “dials”. Though, according to Rosstat, GDP grew in 2017 by 1.5% compared with the year 2016, it was the autumn of last year the economy was clearly slowing down. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the industry, and is a key economic activity, and fell by 1.8% in annual terms. So we “gain momentum”? In autumn 2017, the number of bankruptcies in the Russian economy reached its maximum since 2009. This is also evidence of some acceleration? No, of course. It is evidence only of the fact that restorative, corrective growth of the economy (“stick in the mud”) in 2017 is over.

The discrepancy of plans and reality is, without a doubt, not only the phenomenon in recent years. Recall the notorious problem of doubling the GDP, which was delivered in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly in may 2003. The doubling was to happen by 2010, but did not happen: the level of task execution was about 60% is a failure.

In General, such facts you can remember a lot. This is the testimony of the very high self-esteem, which appeared with the realization of what we are a great superpower. I’m sure Russia is really a unique and great country. Just scream this is not necessary. It is not necessary in any areas, especially in policy — internal and external — to come primarily from their own greatness.

In this regard, I appeal to our powers: you really want to be great? Confirm this commitment by deeds, not words. Well would be a high self-esteem only among the authorities themselves, but now she was passed the majority of the population. And this is a big problem. As, for example, these people motivate highly productive labor? Yes way, because we are so great. By the way, what’s with the goal of improving productivity by 1.5 times by 2018 (this is from the “may” decrees of the President 2012)? And after all, this task also failed safely.

Another uncomfortable question: what are the great superpower, in which real disposable money incomes fall in the last four consecutive years: from 2014 to 2017? And it is unclear what will happen in the current year…

No, guys, we’re not all that great as can be and would like. To belittle yourself, to do self-abasement, of course, we are not going to price themselves know. However, the informal national project to improve the self-esteem of the nation, the authorities clearly overreacted, self-esteem was too high. With the self-esteem is very difficult to move forward, because the goals are not achieved, and all the failures to blame anyone but we, the great. Should be modest, modest.

Probably, Russia in this plan not the first and not the last. Other countries have also burned. Over in the US at the time was even created by the national Council for self-esteem. Just a pity that Russia was not able to avoid this imbalance. Strategists miscalculated…

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