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Monday, April 16, 2018

“Trump with prostitutes”: the Russians tricked US intelligence into $100 thousand

A Russian, whom Western intelligence agencies believe is linked to Russian intelligence and hackers, has promised the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA valuable information. Having received a Deposit, he greatly disappointed the Americans, writes The New York Times, citing its own anonymous sources.

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photo: youtube.com

The negotiations were conducted secretly in Germany. The Russians invited American intelligence dirt on President Donald trump, as well as some “secret weapon” which the hackers stole from the NSA. As the article says, the Americans wanted it back.

The Russians promised a million dollars, of which he managed to get 100 thousand: a suitcase full of money delivered in a five-star hotel in Berlin. The NSA was acting through an intermediary – American businessman. Scouts monitored the movement potential of the source of his trip to Vienna to his mistress, flying home to St. Petersburg, noted in the article.

As it turned out, Russian wanted to sell the Americans a video in which trump in 2013, allegedly in a Moscow hotel with prostitutes. All that was received by the businessman-the intermediary – 15-second video, which depicted a man talking with two women. Trump does this to understand was impossible. Us intelligence never found out whether there was General in nature, is that the video of trump with women of low social responsibility.

Still some time, “informant” to “feed” the Americans, eager to get back his “cyber weapons”, data on alleged ties trump partners with Russia in the context of elections in 2016.

The behavior of the agent from Russia seemed more and more suspicious of the NSA. Starting with the fact that he quickly brought down the price from 10 million to one, continuing his undisguised desire to pass “dirt”, and ending with a criminal record of that person.

Scouts of the United States eventually ceased cooperation with the Russian: he was asked to name specific names of sources of information, or not returning to Western Europe, if he values his freedom. He chose the latter.

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