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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Russia came in”: Vasiliev explained why revenge is not afraid of corrupt officials of Dagestan

The acting head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev announced the beginning of large-scale fight against corruption in the assigned region. Cleaning of the informal sector promises to be massive, starting from mass appointments to leadership positions the new people, finishing the work with the younger generation, which writes the exam 100 points, and applications to universities with grammatical errors.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The acting head of the government of Dagestan Abdusamad Hamidov in the Basmanny court, 6 February

“I didn’t, it’s Vladimir Vladimirovich, I made an offer and sent here , and then I was supported by the National Assembly,” said Vasiliev in an interview to “Vesti”, answering the remark that he “gave this week”.

According to Vasilyev, he hoped that the mere fear officials will not be the engine of the fight against corruption, even if it began with austerity measures. After all, the first arrest turned out several top officials, whose house was found an Arsenal of weapons and luxury items. Further – more, things escalate to the point that rumors about replacing even the police guards…

“There is, unfortunately, a large shadow component of the economy. There is the fact that being on the post, to ask, to get something that is not considered immoral and condemned by society”, – said Vasilyev.

According to him, corruption is so deeply rooted in the minds of the local population that this state of Affairs is considered normal, to that from an early age children are taught.

“We now do everything that children do not learn corruption, when their loved ones, parents through the post and money pushing them all by hook or by crook, – said the acting head of the region. Ten percent of gold medalists are writing the application for admission to the University with errors”.

According to Vasileva, now in Dagestan prosecutors working newcomers, and people to them are lining up “for truth, for justice.” On the question of whether he was afraid now of reprisals from senior officials in the region and their influential friends, Vasiliev replied in the negative, remembering his experience in the 90s.

“When I argued in Parliament, said it was not Vasiliev came, it was examined further. We today, thanks to the support of the President in the first place already a lot of can – said acting. It’s gone. The President set a task. The fight against corruption and shadow economy in Dagestan has begun and will continue with the support, and I can feel it, the population of our Republic”.

Read the material: “Coup of General Vasiliev: why the Kremlin took over Dagestan”

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