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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Zoologists have divided the cows into optimists and pessimists

Many believe that the main feature of the people as a species is the realization of identity and the possession of a unique set of traits, through which each person differs from the others. However, a growing body of research suggests that the complexity of the “personalities” of many animals also should not be underestimated. Canadian researchers representing the University of British Columbia, showed that among cows can meet the “optimists” and “pessimists”.

photo: pixabay.com

In the experiment, scientists put 22 calves in a pen with five holes the wall. In the left-most hole was located a bottle of milk, and the rightmost is an empty bottle and a device that produces the calves a sharp jet of air and scaring them. After the calves remember, what happens in both cases, the scientists began to put the bottles in the Central Windows.

As it turned out, some calves are not afraid to approach the bottle in the right of the three Central holes, not too fearing that instead of milk they can expect a stream of air. Other animals in contrast, did not dare to check if there is any milk in the bottle placed in the hole left of center. The specialists pay special attention to the fact that different animals behave in different ways, but everyone was pretty consistent in their decisions. This suggests that the differences can be explained by the preferences of each animal, not his mood at a particular moment.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Cow — not the first animals in which experts found a kind of “signs of identity”. Earlier similar experiments were dedicated even sharks, which from an evolutionary point of view is almost unchanged from very ancient times. As it turned out, among these sea creatures are “extroverts” and “introverts”: first trying to establish the maximum number of social ties with relatives and avoid the loneliness, and the second, on the contrary, prefer to be outside, in the hope that it will help them better camouflage. A recent study has shown that there are “socially anxious” and among macaques.

Last year, scientists from City University of new York Stockholm University, suggested that the main difference between humans from animals (and the secret of their evolutionary success) the secret of success of people can not name any personality trait, and the ability to remember a large amount of consistent information. In any case, in experiments people much better than animals remembered the chain of signals in the time how to distinguish individual signals from each other animals were managed less efficiently than humans.

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