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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The scientists told him what the fruit rescues from depression

Eating grapes lowers the chances of development of human depression and improves overall psychological condition. To such conclusion the American scientists who recently conducted a study on this topic. As experts explain, in grapes contain polyphenols, which provide a positive effect.

photo: pixabay.com

The word “depression” often is just in a bad mood, but people use this term, referring to a specific mental disorder, sometimes requiring the assistance of specialists. The authors of the new study conducted a series of experiments on laboratory mice and concluded that the polyphenols allow the body to more effectively resist the processes characteristic of depression and for symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Experts suggest that their findings not only demonstrate the use of grapes, but also will help in the development of new means of depression on the basis of its contained components.

The scientific work of scientists published in the journal Nature Communications.

Earlier, the British nutritionist Cassandra Barnes for similar reasons, called one of the most useful for the brain desserts blueberries or blueberries — these berries also contain polyphenols. The nutritionist noted that this compound is particularly useful for the elderly. Contains large amounts of polyphenols in green tea, and it is assumed that in this drink it has a beneficial effect on the whole body, including helping to lose weight.

At the same time, the U.S. quality supervision, food and drug administration had previously warned that grapes and also raisins and currants should not be fed to dogs — these foods can cause your pet kidney failure. While other fruits, for example apples or bananas — their Pets to feed you, but from Apple it should be core and to ensure that the dog did not eat the seeds.

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