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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sobchak in “Washington regional Committee”: “Russia does not look normal”

Was it worth it to fly to distant lands in order to participate in the “senseless Breakfast” with Donald trump? In the case of the candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak definitely worth it. Cost because flying Kseniya A. not to eat and pray in the campaign with the President of the United States and several thousand other invited. Sobchak visited America in order to participate in quite a serious individual political interview. The interview, which she passed with just triumph.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

I recently fulfilled his long-standing dream: bought a huge bookcase, and finally dismantling the long-standing piles of books and magazines. And you ought to happen: in one of the rubble revealed a men’s magazine from distant Feb 2005, but now have a topical political significance. Judge. On the cover of glossy magazines depicted dressed in a Lacy leotard, the present candidate in presidents of Russia. And signed this photo: “ Ksenia Sobchak strict collar!”I’m not a moralist and a lecture on bad taste I will not read. Instead, I confess that I admire Ksenia Sobchak. And here’s why.

Imagine napakalaki American analytical center in the former and the current leadership, which includes such “giants” as Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Secretary of defense Harold brown and William Cohen, the former assistant US President for national security Brent Scowcroft and James Jones, and even the darkness, several thousands of the titled persons. Submitted? Now you must use your imagination again. Can you imagine that in a similar institution will hold a great hall of the people in order to listen to a young lady who some years ago posed to the public without such an important piece of clothing as pants ( Yes, Yes, deep I found the journal and discovered that)?

I imagine this can not. But not to believe your own eyes too. On the official website of Ksenia Sobchak posted a video of him polutorochasovoj performances in prestigious D.C. the Center for strategic and international studies. And this performance is just a miracle. One of the former Ministers of foreign Affairs of Russia once confided to me in private conversation: “ I’m only after his retirement realized how “bomber” and unnatural was my speech in front of foreign audience!” Xenia anatolevny no such problems. Sobchak immediately took listeners to “the prisoner” with his charm and not released until the final applause.

Despite its imperfect or, as expressed by the candidate, “rusty” English, Sobchak quickly found a common language with the audience. It never “floated”, never went to the obvious logical impasse, answering very tricky questions sometimes. Terms of image, political style, presentation of Xenia anatolevny was just perfect. I even occasionally like to shout “Bravo”! But more often I wanted to shout “help”! It is only with this word I can describe the semantic content of perfect external form of the performance “Madame candidate”.

For example, a few particularly impressed me theses Xenia anatolevny. Russia – “a country that is in any case not looks normal.” “ I razdelu your deep concern about Russia’s behavior.” Frightened many of the current wave of migration to Europe, according to Sobchak, consists exclusively of “ young, active and fearless people who don’t want to fight.” “ Full state sovereignty is a myth”. Talk about the fact that Russia is threatened from the outside – “pure fiction”. The crisis in the Donbass decided on a time or two: “ Support for Donbass with Russia should be terminated immediately”. Once that happens, the conflict will end immediately. The Crimea problem too is solved very simply – by using simultaneous referenda on the Peninsula, in Russia and Ukraine.

As Xenia anatolevny all simply, clearly, PC – and absolutely not viable! A beautifully and smartly to talk is not a substitute for the real experience of the state activity. And that’s the main problem: as evident from their reactions, American students of Ksenia Sobchak do not understand and do not want to understand. Sobchak said that the us experts wanted to hear. And it turned it in their eyes in a serious, wise and influential political figures, living embodiment of a post-Putin Russia. But vel is not just funny – it’s exceedingly funny!

In his speech Ksenia Sobchak joked about the popular Russian talk about “ D.C. regional Committee”. Also dare to joke on this subject and say that according to the results of the interview in this “regional” candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation was handed over to the local “party ticket”. But seriously, cool that Ksenia Sobchak was able to find a common language with the American audience. It is a pity that such a shared language can’t find those politicians that really represent Russia.

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