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Friday, April 13, 2018

Russian bioengineer told whether “the immortal Vladimir Putin»

Experts from the Ural Federal University, on the occasion of the yesterday of the Day of Russian science organized a three hour tour for media representatives. During this excursion scientists, including the, said, is it possible to create skin, like the fantastic superhero spider-man, do humanity a chance to defeat aging and whether this can lead to “ever-living Vladimir Putin.”

photo: kremlin.ru

In response to the first question when scientists will make the skin as spider-man, head of the Bioengineering centre of the Ural Federal University’s Vladimir Shur said that such developments do exist. Discipline within which such research is done, is called nanobionics — the name implies that the work in this direction allows us to unravel the secrets of nature at the nanoscale. In particular, Schur said that the Nobel laureate Russian-born Andre Geim managed to reproduce the structure that allows geckos with special pipes running along the walls. The only significant difference was that the geckos these tubes are cleared, and their “artificial” version quickly clogged with dirt and loses its effectiveness.

Vladimir Shur, which refers to the portal znak.com also said, many foreign laboratories now working on the creation of cell of bio. The scientist said that this technology allows to renew the human body, and expressed confidence that in the future it can help to solve the problem of aging. People can live forever,” said Schur. On another question whether Russia in a similar scenario to the ever-living, Vladimir Putin, the expert said that theoretically this is possible, however, to date, research in this direction is not carried out.

This is not the first case when experts are not entirely jokingly perceive the question about the possibility of spider-man in reality. Two years ago a Group of scientists under the direction of David LaBonte from Cambridge have discovered how would have looked like a superhero, if he was the result of evolution. Experts have found that the larger the creature, the greater the percentage of the total surface of your body it must attach to the wall so successfully for her to stay, and this means that a hypothetical spider-man had to hold 40 percent of the body surface (that is, almost the entire front part of it) to the wall not to fall, or “to grow” feet so much that he came only shoes size 145. According to experts, this explains why not found in nature, large animals are able to climb smooth vertical surfaces.

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