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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Putin and raped by a tractor, the President said error Medvedev

The Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) , which in connection with the election was moved from March to February, which at first resembled a typical for relations between government and business “Groundhog day”.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “NLMK” Vladimir Lisin.

Entrepreneurs traditionally have complained about problems with access to debt financing, rising fiscal burden and pressure from the inspectors. “Our dream is to merge all regulatory bodies into one, and until they understand who is responsible for what, to get on the pace of economic growth above the world average”, – said the President of RSPP Alexander Shokhin. The Ministers also traditionally fought off the attacks and promised business an even brighter tomorrow.

“Simplify the registration of small and medium business, minimize direct contact with the tax authorities and customs officers, specinvtehnica for volume above 1 billion rubles has already introduced a special tax regime. Please refer to” – broadcast on the wave, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

The consequences of “the Kremlin list” in the public space of the Congress were discussed. But on the sidelines, the oligarchs recognized that many problems have already arisen, although the specific sanctions seems to be not. One had to postpone IPO on foreign exchanges, the other – wait delay in the approval of credit resources for their projects. Victor Vekselberg said that the session on foreign economic activity, which he chaired, was far from being a major character. “This time the discussions were not, as there is a common understanding of the existing realities” – with melancholy eyes he said. And only Ministers still rejoiced in his hit list. “There has already been comments about “telephone directories”, so we will assume that these decisions will not affect the development of our business,” blithely argue with the assessments of entrepreneurs, trade and industry Minister Denis Manturov.

A definite plot originated with the appearance on the podium of the Congress, ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. Many businessmen have noticed that he headed the Center for strategic research (CSR) began to publish excerpts from the program of reforms, was prepared on behalf of Vladimir Putin: already submitted proposals on judicial system and state-owned companies. “Before your program was confidential, and now you have started to publish some things. I would like to understand, what happened?”- on behalf of all those present inquired Shokhin. Alexei Kudrin acknowledged that the agreed level of Putin’s reform scenario in the country yet. Some sections – for example, on the courts – agreed with the judicial community and the legal office of the President “more than half”. Others are in the discussion stage, and while the state government continues to move through “inertia scenario.” “We need to score a set of measures of reform that will enable you to move to a different trajectory of economic growth. Is this the final set is not outlined,” – said Kudrin. He stressed that the current Congress RSPP has a special significance as it is held in anticipation of the new political cycle: this is where you need to promote the steps in the next 6 years will significantly improve the business climate.

But can we do without politics? – worried Shokhin, We are not allowed to own Titova (biznesvumen, the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation – MK), because we have no political platform.

But absolutely no policy Kudrin still did not work. Listing the main offers of TSSR (decrease in the share of government in the economy to 35%, officials cut a third of the regulatory and Supervisory bodies 2 times, and their functions at 30%, the need for a new tax maneuver), the ex-Minister said that the implementation of the program depends on “political will”. What she needs to be demonstrated, Kudrin said. However, and without words it was clear that the speech is clearly not on the current composition of the Cabinet, especially because of differences with Ministers, as acknowledged by the Rapporteur, remain.

It is noteworthy that the ban on the Congress of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, did not affect the other candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin came to the oligarchs with little or no delay, but to use sites for propaganda purposes, of course, did not, hinting that a set of concrete proposals for improving the business climate will be made in the message to the Federal message. The President said that he knows what a difficult situation turned out to be business, but hopes that the policy of sanctions is only temporary. “I think that those who do, soon get bored by and we will come to some kind of path of normal relations,” the duty he commented. GDP recalled that the state Duma approved in the third reading, the second stage of the Amnesty, which runs from March 1, 2018 February 29, 2019. “Because there is concern about what will be there, it is better to invest here,” he said.

The owner of the metallurgical plant Vladimir Lisin, the President spoke about the request for predictability, the absence of which in the government’s action complicates the work of the business. “There was a Soviet anecdote. The farm, the crop on the nose, and the Smith took to the bottle. The Chairman asked: what to do? Sound suggestions: to send, to deprive of the quarter award, fill mug. Everything is not perfect, as a blacksmith one, might be offended and leave. Finally, someone says: let’s iznasiluem tractor. And what’s the tractor? perplexed by the Chairman. And the two of them!”said Lisin, noting that “we have solutions, at times, taken the same way.”

– Well, I would say about a milkmaid or something. Where are you all pulling? – shivered Putin.

But Lisin insisted that the business feels that is raped by a tractor and gave a specific example: in 2016 at the presidential level, the decision was made on the development of water transportation. Entrepreneurs told to invest in tanker ships, and they built it – more than 100 pieces. And then suddenly the Railways has given a 25% discount on transportation of liquid products, and the river fleet, of course, no one did not use. Business lost 2 billion rubles And will lose this year, as the railroad officials again agreed discount to endure, in the amount of 37%.

– Why do we have invested in tanker ships? It’s like the joke about the blacksmith – wondered Lisin.

– You just don’t touch the tractor, still worried Vladimir Putin. But the history with the courts he clearly did not like. And who knows the President Shokhin is realized.

– Maybe you want something else to comment on, except the Smith and the tractor? he asked.

Putin angrily acknowledged that in a situation with the courts of the government’s actions were incorrect: it was necessary at the time of return on investment to keep the rate and inform the railroad. “These things are easy and resolved in a timely manner. It is a pity that we still have not learned how to do it,” said the President. According to him, the Congress of the RSPP, once again showed that despite regular communication, “meaningful meetings” with businesses still not enough. “It is necessary to adjust its work to meet not only for ritual but for serious and deep conversations,” concluded GDP. By the way, after the Congress maritally such a dialogue took place – Putin had a closed meeting with the Bureau of the RSPP. According to Shokhin, “the Kremlin list” it was not discussed in detail because it is not entirely clear, its consequences, mainly entrepreneurs focused on topics raised in public discussions. Separately discussed the possibility of domestic Amnesty “for those who come out of the shadows, but afraid of being caught in past sins. But no concrete decision yet.

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