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Friday, February 16, 2018

How not to go mad from the collapse of bitcoin exchange rate: psychologist’s advice

One of the well-known Russian companies in the field of the blockchain, which is engaged in the purchase and storage of cryptocurrency, opened the service of urgent psychological help to those concerned about the decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin. On her website there is a relevant section from telephone psychologist. We will remind that else in December the exchange rate of bitcoin stood at 20 thousand dollars, and now the price fell to 8 thousand. As a result, many miners suffered a financial collapse and suffered a severe blow in their hopes and expectations. Some of them will need psychological support, experts say.

photo: psychologycareercenter.org

We asked psychologist Galina Mikhaylenko to give a few tips for those who so dramatically lost their investments and were disappointed in the a digital financial system.

– Financial losses in our days is not uncommon. The whole modern world is designed so that we strive for material possessions. Therefore, to lose them for the modern man – a great grief: still, that legless to go without crutches. Accumulation of people – it is their mainstay in life. Now they lost this support. The collapse of financial pyramids, and with them the hope that was in 90-e years when people have invested money in different scams and wanted to dividends, and then burned. Then there was a lot of suicides and personal tragedies. As for bitcoin, this system is relatively new for humans. And one of the financial players did not guarantee that it will work without failures and to increase their income. Everyone who bought bitcoins, and was engaged in mining, has made its independent decision. It is important to understand: here there is no deception.

According to Galina, the large capital evolve in the future, usually in large purchase: houses, cars, children’s education, a comfortable old age. Therefore, to lose such opportunities to people is very difficult. They experience frustration, feelings of loss, confusion, bitterness. And these feelings are necessary to survive.

– It may be advisable to discuss your situation with a psychologist, it cannot be dismissed, – says Galina. – They say, well, okay, can earn more. You need to speak. And the second thing we can recommend is to seek support from his family. It is important that the family have rallied in this difficult period. To relatives did not rebuke the man, and showed him love.

According to Galina, it is very good that he opened a center for psychological assistance for those who are worried about the exchange rate of bitcoin: perhaps the experts will help to avoid various tragedies in the future. Especially important psychological assistance, so that people can again believe in themselves and understand that the loss of attachments, this is not the end of life.

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