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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Along the way, Russia: Erdogan is going to send troops in Idlib

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement about the plans of the Turkish army. After reaching the stated goals in Afrin, where Ankara, the country’s authorities, fighting terrorists, the Turkish army will be heading to Idlib. Meanwhile, after the beginning of operation “Olive branch”, the official Damascus has expressed its criticism, describing it as a violation of its sovereignty. What are the objectives actually pursued by the Turkey in Syria and doesn’t get on someone else’s territory, planning an operation in Idlib. The expert explained, will this lead to collision of interests of Russia and Turkey.

photo: kremlin.ru

“The actions of the Turkish armed forces undertaken since the beginning of operations in Afrin, it is a preparation for more ambitious steps. The offensive of the Turkish army is still ahead”, – said Erdogan, adding that the Turkish army “will reach Idlib”. Previously, he was assured that on completion of operations in Afrin, the Turkish army will leave the territory of Syria. Now he motivates his final decision the interests of the people.

The current operation of the Turkish military called the “Olive branch” has been held in Northern Syria for more than three weeks. Its aim is to fight with the Kurdish military forces, which Ankara considers terrorists, in particular the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS). Military formation, which has traditionally supported the Americans, the Turkish authorities, in their turn, believe associated with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ Party. The Syrian foreign Ministry described the campaign as “aggression and occupation”. However, the Turkish authorities intend to continue the offensive deep into Syria. What caused the sudden change of plans of Erdogan?

“First, in the East, nothing ever gets done for one purpose, there is always a range of goals, different levels of reachability, but equally desirable. The first goal is to push the threat of separatism, says “MK”, leading researcher of the Centre for Asian and African studies, Higher school of Economics Alex SAMPLES. – Still, the Kurdish population is large enough in Turkey is about 10%. And any establishment of a Kurdish autonomy is a sensitive issue for Turkey, which lost three quarters of its territory after the First world war. And risk what we have, it is impossible for any government.

Second, after a failed coup attempt, the relationship between the political leadership of Turkey and the military have become quite cool. Finding the army solved a certain and clear purpose, the government shows its military that they are still together and can each other to count on. It is also a deterrent against Iran, which is actively involved in the Syrian conflict. Accordingly, Turkey shows that not only Iran in the middle East has the goals and means for their implementation.

In this situation, the interests of Turkey not entering into conflict with the interests of Russia, because the objectives of the Ankara otchasti are consistent with the objectives of Moscow is the preservation of a single, indivisible Syria as a centralized state, not a patchwork of Autonomous regions”.

According to Ankara, since the beginning of operations on 20 January 2018, were destroyed about a thousand terrorists. The attack on Afrin, the Turkish troops began on 22 January, however, it has not yet been fully captured from the SDS.

Russia in turn calls on all parties to show restraint and to respect territorial integrity of Syria.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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