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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Watch how the cut soap: a strange way of relieving stress has stirred up the Internet

The Internet is rapidly gaining popularity in the Instagram account owned by two Russian girls. All the videos on it is dedicated to cutting the soap in thin layers. Many visitors to the page find this process fascinating and believe that watching him helps to get rid of stress.

photo: a frame from the video

For each new clip is cut is a new kind of soap, and in some cases it is impossible to slice even layers, while in others it crumbles. The account is already more than 327 thousand subscribers and every video gets dozens or even hundreds of thousands of views.

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Publication from ?ASMR PRINCESS? (@asmr_soap_princess) Feb 5, 2018 10:20 PST

As writes portal mashable.com the popularity of these kinds of spectacles fits into the broader trend over the past few months in a similar way, the popularity gained rollers, which cut the spark, “bombs for baths” and the contents of the Puranic. However, in the case of the spark process was a creativity rather than destruction.

Girls think that the popularity of their pages has some sort of scientific explanation. Term, to the greatest extent, reflect this phenomenon, in their opinion, is “Autonomous sensory Meridian response” or ASMR — pleasant feeling, called an audible, visual, tactile, or cognitive stimuli, often accompanied by a tingling in the back of the head and “spine” running through the skin of the neck and the back to the extremities. However, it is worth noting that the strictly scientific term ASMR is not, and psychologists, this phenomenon is not fully understood. However, it is believed that this effect allows you to relax, deal with stress and panic attacks. To call this feeling its rollers are trying including a videoblogger. Account girls, cut the soap, signed as asmr.soapqueen — the first part refers to the phenomenon, which they use, and the second can be translated as “the soap Queen”.

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