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Friday, February 16, 2018

NASA creates an alien submarine to work on Titan

Workers NASA joined forces with scientists from the University of Washington will create a submarine for exploring the hydrocarbon reservoirs on Titan. The submarine intend to launch to Saturn’s moon within two decades, according to the website Phys.org.

photo: nasa.gov

Photo: the moon, Titan, taken from the spacecraft Cassini

Scientists have reproduced the model of the environment on Titan is in the cryogenic lab, as the temperature at the surface of the second largest moon in the Solar system reaches minus 170-180 degrees Celsius. In the test chamber was fed the liquid mixture of methane and ethane. To this mixture was lowered a small heating up the cartridge to find out what impact it will have heat from the submarine on its hydrodynamic parameters.

It is believed that the high temperature emitted by a submarine, will cause the formation of nitrogen bubbles, which may interfere with maneuvering, shooting and operation of ballast systems, pumping or pumping the fluid overboard.

In addition, the researchers created a special camera and optical mechanism referred to as a borescope. He can do the work in difficult conditions, including at low temperatures and high pressure. During the experience in addition established that in the result of the presence of nitrogen in the hydrocarbon reservoirs of the Titan liquid is converted into ice at minus 198 degrees Celsius, which indicates a low chance of meeting a submarine iceberg.

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