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Friday, February 16, 2018

Arrested in the case Maltsev Saratov opposition “lost and frightened”

Before you go for a permanent refuge in the French Rouen, opposition blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev managed to make a lot of noise. In particular, to announce a revolution on 5 November and to convince law enforcement agencies that it could take place. In addition to them Maltsev, in the revolution, few believed, but it does not matter, the information effect was achieved. But, alas, not just information. In the case of Maltsev are hundreds of people across the country, and some of them, like the Saratov opposition leader Sergey Ryzhov, no relation to terrorism had always protested peacefully. But in the end fell into the vortex of anti-terrorist operations that swept the day before the ill-fated date.

photo: From personal archive

Sergey Ryzhov.

On the question of whether overlap Sergey Ryzhov Vyacheslav Maltsev, whether they were colleagues, Sergei’s mother Larisa responds with disbelief: “of Course, overlap, Saratov — the town is small, and the opposition here is not so much”. And what about corticella to say even more difficult, he shared some views Maltseva, but did not fulfill any of his commands. On “revolution 5.11.2017” looked ambiguous: maybe, maybe not one of the most difficult to judge. But in any case, if it took place, not in the form of seizure of power, and in the form of mass peaceful protest.

While in his hometown Ryzhov was a well-known opposition leader, has been repeatedly detained by police and brought to administrative responsibility. That’s just for the “dossier radical” his track record does not look like. The activist was detained for opposition walks, pickets, rallies in defense of political prisoners, freedom of expression and numerous events of local importance. He has repeatedly served administrative arrests, but in the summer, according to his mother, had a feeling that against Sergei ready for something serious. How serious, she could not imagine. Once he came to pick up when he helped her lift the potatoes from the cellar. “Give the bag though to convey,” asked she still laughing.

Its shares rather tired of local authorities as they dealt with not only by a common opposition agenda. In one of them Ryzhov and his associates called for a public response to the Governor Radaev, but this event, like previous ones, found illegal. It is worth noting that all of the shares Ryzhov organized shoulder to shoulder with the liberals of the “Open Russia” and Communists, the division into the opposition camp in Saratov is very conditional.

Although everyone is used to the endless “administrative”, and a criminal case, for example, the resistance of the police, as many participants of mass protests, could pile for the family and local community members was a shock detention Ryzhov 1 November on suspicion of preparing a terrorist act.

During his detention he was in the apartment of his friend, who generally has nothing to do with politics and is engaged in basket weaving. They were not with Sergei close friends, but sometimes it helped him to collect the vine, the young men maintained friendly contact.

The scene of the arrest, partially captured on camera, deserves special attention. Soldiers armed with shields, in full gear make amazing action. The window of the apartment where, allegedly, there is a terrorist with his Arsenal, they throw a lighted smoke bomb, and then screaming “forward” breaking in through the window and the door. The apartment at this time are unsuspecting Ryzhov and his friend, who calmly wove baskets.

According to the lawyer Igor Lifanova, broken window and broken the door to the apartment of a friend of Sergei was without warning.

“They handcuffed, laid face down on the heads put pillows, blankets, after that five minutes, they raised and provided a resolution on the inspection of the premises, — said Igor Lifanov. During this inspection the apartment was discovered a traumatic gun, explosive (TNT) and five bottles with an incendiary mix. According to my client, he is all of these items saw for the first time and believes that the FSB of these things were planted in the apartment.”

From Saratov Ryzhov was taken to Moscow, in “Lefortovo”.

Who visited him in jail the first Deputy Chairman of the public Supervisory Commission eve Markachev, says that Sergei absolutely lost and scared. According to her, he doesn’t look like a terrorist, but they are very similar to those of the terrorists with whom he has to share a cell.

“He doesn’t understand why it’s no blame, wants to go home, and seemed to be very attached to his mother, misses her,” she notes.

What did the intelligence officers that five minutes until the head of Sergey and his friend were covered with blankets? How could they throw a lighted smoke bomb in the apartment where, allegedly, there is a TNT? Wanted to eliminate terrorists on the ground and half a house in or knew that the explosives are there, but need time for their own purposes to smoke the room?

Perhaps all the numerous defenders Ryzhov wrong, but the issues in this case are clearly more questions than answers. And the situation does not change, because the trial of Sergei was closed and the case of his suspected terrorist activities will remain under the smokescreen — to the sentence neither relatives nor journalists. Ryzhov himself without the right to visits with her mother in a cell with terrorists to sit until 2 April, after which the court likely will issue a new decree on the extension of the arrest.

Meanwhile, the FSB has successfully reported on the suppression of terrorist groups and attempts at armed revolution.

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