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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The phrase Igor Shuvalov about the Russian called all one question

“I am sure that Russian people are more talented than us”. No matter how much I try to repeat this phrase, which first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov responded to running in the USA superheavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy, I somehow obtained it only with intonations of Joseph Stalin. More specifically, those actors who played the leader of the Soviet cinema.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Well do try, “I we (here pause, the audience tensed in expectation) that ryusskie people (intonation goes down, and again a pause, and then solemnly) more talented (another pause, and then exhale) than the us”. And palm itself rolled my boat for Stalin’s pipe and starts to beat the rhythm of his pauses.

Well, not get me to say all this with the tone of a graduate of the law faculty of Moscow state University, worked for several years in the foreign Ministry, the Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Gaidar forum, at one time almost lead the party “just cause”.

Even because it smacks of chauvinism. But because in our twenty-first century make a statement like that, you see, the bad. And Igor and appearance, and conversation, and a hobby (the love of dogs English breed Corgi and private aircraft) pure “Russian European”. Not any MP from Uryupinsk, for which loud pseudo-Patriotic cry — the only job opportunity.

And what added University education, several languages and stylish suits Igor Ivanovich to the phrase “Russian people are more talented than us”? They added a little four words at the end: “forgive me Americans.”

The Americans, of course, forgive. They are this phrase won’t even notice and write about it in their Newspapers won’t.

But any Russian person immediately the question to Igor Ivanovich will arise: “Why, if we are talented, the car “Tesla” to Mars, the Americans launched

And the answer I see only one: “Yes, because with the first Vice-premiers we were not lucky. A major”.

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