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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Scientists have found whether mankind almost became extinct because of a volcano

The eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO Toba, which occurred about 74 thousand years ago, contrary to popular belief, has not led to the fact that people in Africa became ten times less than before. To such conclusion the group of researchers representing the University of Arizona. Experts came to the conclusion that “volcanic winter” on the planet the eruption not occurred.

photo: pixabay.com

It is believed that the eruption of Toba on the island of Sumatra led to a sharp cold snap and reduce the amount of sunlight on the Ground. According to this theory, the result, as happens in such cases, injured plants first, and then, the chain — herbivores, feeding on these plants, and carnivores that eat herbivores. Some models built earlier, suggests that the population of people living in Africa could be reduced from 100 thousand to 10 thousand people.

To check whether such assumptions of fact, experts have compared the remains of plants that grew during the century before and two centuries after the eruption, and found between them a fundamental difference. In all likelihood, this means that the “volcanic winter” still has not come, the authors of the new research.

The study was published in scientific Journal Journal of Human Evolution.

It is worth noting that, according to a fairly popular theory, the eruption of the volcano was the main reason why the Neanderthals became extinct. We are talking about the volcano, today located under the Phlegraean fields is a volcanic Caldera located in Italy near Naples. Moreover, some scientists do not exclude that this dormant for almost half a Millennium volcano in the foreseeable future may again “Wake up”.

By the way, last year experts from the American space Agency NASA, called the eruption of the volcano is the most serious threat to mankind, more dangerous than, for example, the fall of a giant asteroid or the beginning of Third world war. According to the specialist, if any of the volcanoes Wake up, it will lead to the defeat of all living things within a radius of 150 kilometers, and the dust and gas that envelops the planet, will lead to attack on the Ground some semblance of “nuclear winter”.

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