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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Putin in Krasnoyarsk complained of too much money

In Krasnoyarsk Vladimir Putin failed to confine itself to easy and conflict-free agenda, typical of pre-election visits. On arrival into place it became clear that the number one issue in the city is not the Universiade, the preparations for which were going to discuss the GDP, and a difficult environmental situation. Pass by would not live up to expectations of millions of voters and jeopardize your ranking in one of the key Siberian regions.

photo: kremlin.ru

Before Siberia was firmly associated with white snow and fresh frosty air, but now it’s different. Snow in Krasnoyarsk — black. And the air is filled with poisonous impurities, preventing to breathe.

From 2 to 6 February, the inhabitants of the metropolis held in the “IUM”: the abbreviation for “adverse weather conditions”, has firmly entered into the everyday life of citizens, as they say, from small to large. NMU so it is not a storm or heavy snowfall as in other parts of the country, but rather calm, which hangs above the city smog for a CHP plant, which still runs on coal.

In those days, the team recommended tighter close UPS, often to wash floors and to spend less time on the street. And, although the arrival of Vladimir Putin, emergency mode was removed, the problem has not disappeared. Despite the strong wind, unpleasant tickling in the throat felt by many. And even the President, appearing at a meeting treacherously snorted nose, although a cold look. “Well, just allergic to our Apocalypse!”with knowledge of the matter said one of the local journalists.

Initially, the discussion of ecological problems of the Krasnoyarsk, which recently regularly ranked in the top ten most polluted cities in the world, in the graph of GDP did not appear. But in the end on air pollution the President talked with the owners and executives of large enterprises – Vladimir Potanin and the Director of the Siberian coal mines Vladimir Rashevsky.

The acting Governor of the OSS tried to shield entrepreneurs, who are major taxpayers in the regional budget, stating that 36% of emissions provides the car Park. Putin stressed that environmental issues, if “we are not temporary” and do not apply to the native land “how to profit”, must be addressed comprehensively. For this purpose, the heat of Krasnoyarsk it is necessary to gradually translate from coal to gas cars to natural gas, and industrial plants actively introduce modern environmental standards. “It’s expensive, but in the end will pay off,” he reassured he pogrustnevshy promyshlennikov.

Obviously, all voiced by the President of the measures are long term in nature and therefore, during the Universiade, to be held in March 2019, officials will be forced by tradition to count on the mercy of the weather gods and its own administrative decisions. There are already rumours that at the time of the competition the city will limit not only industrial enterprises, but also the movement of private vehicles.

Vladimir Putin believes that while preparing for the Universiade, despite the construction behind schedule 20 objects, no obvious problems. “And I would not like that they appeared!”warned of the GDP. His surprise was the fact that the delay is caused not only by lack of funding, but, on the contrary, too large amount of the money allocated for some work.

— It is strange to read that the mastered of funds is due to their significant volume. Delays usually attributed to insufficient funding, and here the volume, you see, are large, they can not master, shrugs GDP, commenting on the situation around reconstruction of the regional hospital.

The head of the Ministry of education Olga Vasilyeva was quick to reassure that some of the money is still not enough: in particular the arrangement of the “village” where there will live participants of competitions. According to the plan they will be housed in the hostels of the Siberian University for Russian students, these buildings, according to Vasilyeva, quite good. However, according to the international standards in premises required to install a washing machine and stove, as well as the words of the Minister, “soft equipment”, which apparently means the usual sofas and chairs. For this purpose it is necessary to allocate 1.2 billion rubles. “When we do, our Universiade will become the best in history”, — assured the President Vasiliev.

The Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov (Vitaly Mutko, who was the soloist at a similar meeting last year, this time from sin, has decided not to invite) said that there is one delicate point: according to the approved schedule one of the events, namely the stage of the relay of the Universiade must take place in Switzerland, where is located a hostile Russia sports organizations, in particular IOC.

The official suggested that in the current situation, to consider the feasibility of such a scenario. But Putin decided not to “bind” the patties with flies. “We let all the scandals in one heap mix will not. We have a separate event dedicated to student sports, he recalled. — Don’t need to do much explaining. It is necessary to hold the Universiade in dignity, not paying attention to the superficial aspects.”

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