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Thursday, February 15, 2018

On the trial of Yanukovych’s witnesses to cut down the blame on each other

The next court hearing on charges of treason Yanukovych turned into an interesting duel. The defender of ex-President of Ukraine Serdyuk as a “priming” before the court threw the documents to the network in which it was reported, who and how took the decision on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Crimea without a fight. As a result, the examination of prosecution witnesses against Yanukovych turned into a “parade of excuses”. According to experts interviewed by “MK”, process over Yanukovych becomes the process against the Ukrainian government.

photo: pixabay.com

On the eve of the trial, the lawyer Yanukovych posted on his Facebook page in the copies of interrogations from which it follows that the decision on the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Crimea in 2014 took the former head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Sergey Pashinsky, the head of the defense Ministry Stepan Poltorak.

According to the documents, on March 23, 2014 during the meeting of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine Igor Tenyukh claimed they offered “to go for a breakthrough to the Crimea” and reported on the deployment of the parts of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. In turn Pashinsky found that the defense Minister “seeking war” and advised to listen to the other members of the government. The following spoke at the meeting Poltorak, who at that time was the commander of the national guard. He ordered “to withdraw military units from the Crimea with a proudly raised the banner”. In response to this Tenyukh said that “it is better to shoot and in this case, I am ready to resign immediately.”

He Tenyukh, summoned for interrogation again confirmed that the instruction to withdraw the troops he received from Kiev. It, according to him, in early February, instructed to shoot anyone who crosses the line of the military units of the Ukrainian army in the Crimea. Including, and civilians. But, to his surprise, прик5аз was not completed. The military did not shoot, and peacefully handed weapons and space parts. According to Tenyukh, 10000 8000 Navy servicemen were “traitors” and remained in the Crimea.

Interviewed after Tenyukh, former head of the security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko generally reported that Yanukovych gave the Crimea and Ukraine, deliberately: “the pressure from the Russian Federation it is not provided”. In addition, he stated that in February 2014, with the protests on the Maidan fought not only the employees of MIA of Ukraine “Berkut” and security forces from Russia, which is supposedly their “chevrons covered the top Ukrainian special uniform”. Nalyvaychenko also told the judges that immediately after the protests in February 2014, intended to detain Yanukovych and pass it to law enforcement, even if that meant using physical force. But in the Crimea it was not found…

In turn, the lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk noted that the former head of the SBU was not a legitimate reason for the detention of Yanukovych on 23 and 24 February, as wanted it announced on the 26th. Also responding to the accusations of Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN Andrei Cymbluk, he noticed that the permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN led system, well-organized and criminal work on the disinfection of the international community about the events that took place in Ukraine. He stressed that all official statements by Yanukovych that he didn’t withdraw from the leadership of the country was not transferred to the international offices. “On the contrary, it was reported deliberately false information about the legality of the decision on the disengagement of the President of Ukraine, despite the amount of information that was relevant representatives,” he said, and demanded to consider the UN representatives in Ukraine, as participants of the coup.

Experts interviewed by “MK”, told about who took the decision to give the Crimea, and what may end the trial of Yanukovych.

Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries

– Having started this process against Yanukovych, the current government of Ukraine is risking. The Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution that we should not investigate these events in hot pursuit, because perfectly understand what “ears” can get out”. Now found that it is possible to start a lawsuit, and the ears to hide until the end has failed, so such interfacing and climbs. People like Nalivaychenko did not carefully read the laws that apply in the country, so he innocently spoke. Than will continue to follow this process, the more people will arouse suspicion. I think that soon the authorities will try this trial to put it out. It is quite clear that all those who have seized power in Ukraine, knew about the decision to withdraw troops from Crimea, and what is called any specific person, but rather points to differences politicians inside the unit.

Konstantin Bondarenko, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics»

– Who exactly gave the Peninsula, arguing constantly. And the fact that the security service made the decision without a fight to surrender Crimea.it’s no secret. Since then, all senior country officials and their opponents tried to translate arrows on top of each other. In Ukraine and understand that the current government bears a share of responsibility for the events of 2014. However, this decision was dictated by necessity because the country’s army are unlikely to be able to resist the Russian armed forces. Another thing was the option of delaying the process, which in principle could produce results. It is obvious that the Ukrainian authorities at that time did not think strategically and take decisions according to the principle “there is a problem and need something quick to do.”

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