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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Musk posted a “Tesla” the Falcon Heavy for millions of years in space

Since the pad Space center named after President Kennedy, where NASA launched its rockets with astronauts on Board, in the vastness of the universe struck a giant rocket, dubbed the Falcon Heavy, and built by the company SpaceX, owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon musk.

photo: social networks

Despite the windy weather, prelaunch countdown went smoothly without any hitches. Falcon Heavy rushed into the sky, enveloped in flame and smoke. 15 seconds over the vast crowds of spectators were filled with the noise of the rocket rushing at the speed of sound. And after 3 minutes the most mysterious part of the flight is left behind. Starting the engines fell off, and the second stage of the rocket raced toward orbit.

After about 8 minutes after the start two side of the accelerator almost simultaneously landed on the landing pad at Cape Canaveral. And the third is the Central accelerator came bobble. Instead of having to sit on the floating platform off the coast of Florida, he fell into the ocean.

7 hours after launch Elon Musk announced that the third and final engine brought his sports car into an elliptical orbit around the Earth, and then bring it into an elliptical orbit that stretches from the Sun to Mars…

Falcon Heavy (“Heavy Falcon”) — turbo variant of the rocket “Falcon 9”, which for several years now delivers cargo to space. Its launch was an important milestone in space flight. The first missile such power was launched into space by a private company, not a government space Agency.

Aboard the rocket was another brainchild of Elon musk — red electric Tesla Roadster. Inside the machine is placed dressed in a space suit dummy. From the car rushing sounds of David Bowie songs “Space Oddity” (by the way, the dummy is also christened after a character in the song, Bowie Starman). It is expected that electric car “Tesla” will be circling around the sun for millions of years. “All that stupid fun, but stupid fun is of great importance,” said Musk. Going into orbit, the rocket began to send video images of the dummy sitting in the electric car, on the windscreen which could be read the words: “Don’t Panic” (“panic”). These words taken from the book of Douglas Adams “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.

The success of the launch of the Falcon Heavy SpaceX opens prospects for the creation of even more powerful rockets that have to realize the dream of Masko on sending people to the planet Mars. This mission was supposed to make next-generation rocket BFR (“big Falcon rocket). Roughly BFR will be ready to launch by mid-2020. “The launch “Falcon” passed without a hitch gives me confidence in the success of the BFR project” — hopes to Musk. He added that the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy will encourage other companies and countries to more ambitious objectives in space. “We want a new space race. They are these races always excite,” said Musk.

See photo essay on the topic:

Vehicle in space: a photo of a SpaceX launch Falcon Heavy with the convertible

14 photos

Elon Musk dreams of a life of people on Earth and on Mars. He is among those entrepreneurs of the new generation, who like Jeffrey Bezos, founder of Amazon and rocket company “blue origin” wants to populate the universe by millions of people. This same purpose is pursued and the company “Planetary resources”, which generously invests in Luxembourg. It is worth mentioning the company “Lunar Express”, which intends to establish regular transport links between the earth and the Moon.

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In the current situation, the Falcon Heavy will allow SpaceX to compete for contracts to make the space more voluminous of spy satellites. Some experts in the field of space flight require NASA use rockets to private companies, such as “Heavy Falcon” is huge and more expensive SLS rocket, which is now being built to send astronauts to the moon.

As of early 2012, two-thirds of SpaceX owns the Mask. The number of owners also call Google, Fidelity Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Founders Fund, Valor Equity Partners, Capricorn, etc.

Company Mask confused card a global business with its low prices and the ability to re-use rocket stages. The Falcon Heavy is able to bring into low earth orbit 140 thousand pounds (63.5 thousand kg) of cargo. The price start is $90 million (the launch of “Falcon 9” is estimated at $62 million). In the context of space launches these figures are not impressive. Musk claims he spent on the creation of the Falcon Heavy half a billion dollars, he had to cancel the program run it three times.

Watch the video on:
“Video of rocket launch SpaceX Falcon Heavy with the convertible, on Board»


The current launch has silenced the critics who criticized SpaceX for what this rocket carried into space the deep secret companion Zuma. In media appeared reports that the launch was unsuccessful. Company Mask firmly rejects this version. Last year, Musk said that the two “space tourists” will be abandoned “Falcon’s Haven” on the moon. And on Monday, he said that the company does not have any immediate plans for remaking the rockets for this trip.

Good luck, Mr. Musk!


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