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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Internet users puzzled by the illusion of the street, not parallel to itself

The attention of the visitors of the website Reddit attracted optic illusion, forcing to perceive two identical, adjacent photographs as different from each other. It may seem that one of them road goes almost directly and the other to the right, although in reality it is not.

photo: social networks

The author argues that the left and right part are not made frames at different angles or at different times, and the same picture. However, many users noted that they continued to perceive as two roads are not parallel to each other even after the “theoretical” level of convinced of the opposite.

As suggested by some commentators, the secret may be that at the bottom of the screen roads converge, from-for what the brain perceives a “double” picture as the fork, from which one of the two roads leading right and the second left.

It is worth noting that a lot of site visitors the illusion didn’t work — they saw only two identical, adjacent pictures and often do not fully understand how when you look at them it might seem something else.

Of course, many remembered and, perhaps, the most “famous” illusion, which attracted the attention of Internet users for several years. We are talking about a scattered Global network three years ago, the pictures of the dress that some people considered white gold and the other is black and blue, and supporters of both positions were absolutely convinced in their rightness. As later explained neuroscientist from Washington state University Jane NYC, the cause of such disputes lies in the fact that the human brain always perceives certain colors, focusing on “context”. Therefore, different people interpreted differently, what is photography lighting and therefore subconsciously “filter out” different shades. Even more clearly this phenomenon illustrates the picture, later posted on a Japanese psychology Professor akioshi Kitaoka. It can be clearly seen strawberry red, although not a single red pixel in the image is not present.

Among other optical illusions at different times have attracted fairly wide attention, you can remember “changing the size” of the fragments of the children’s railway and “wrong” reflected in the mirror object, and the image that is difficult to immediately determine how many girls actually sitting between the mirrors, and the photograph, which “disappear” the feet of one sitting on the couch girls.

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