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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In Dagestan have changed even all the traffic police officers: a Grand cleaning continued

The Parliament of Dagestan on 7 February formally approved as the new Prime Minister Artyom Zdunov, who previously headed the Ministry of economy in Tatarstan. In the session of the National Assembly was attended by the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev. For the premiere of “Varyag” voted 68 deputies and opposed by only five people. In parallel with this, all former Dagestani Ministers barred from leaving Russia, and their offices were searched.

photo: a frame from the video

Most Dagestanis did not hide his joy on the detention of so-called “gang of Ministers of the Dagestan”, headed by former Prime Minister Abdusamad by Samedovym. Despite this, in the Republic there were people who Zdunov on the eve of appointment to the post of Prime Minister, urged MPs to vote against it or simply ignore the meeting. This part of the society insisted that Dagestan needs to control the locals, not “Vikings”.

However, supporters of this idea were few. Although social networks these messages and gained some popularity, on the morning of 7 February to the building of the Republican Parliament with a poster relevant content came only one person. At the same passers-by, to join with him in the dispute, insisted that local elites cannot be trusted.

Newly-minted Prime Minister of Dagestan, was born on 18 may 1978 in Kazan. There he graduated from financial-economic Institute, defended a thesis on the outflow of capital from Russia, spent several years in science and then became the Deputy Minister of economy of Tatarstan and in the end, Minister. According to official data, in 2016 Zdunov earned 8.5 million rubles, and his wife — about 500 thousand rubles.

While the Dagestani MPs voted for the new head of government sent to the Federal centre, the security forces conducted a search in the national Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of health and Minobra. In addition, they visited the local bailiffs service. The operation was guided by the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Ivan Sydoruk. As reported by informed sources, all former members of the government, which Vasiliev on the eve dismissed, on the eve of banned travel abroad.

By the way, followed by the Ministers on 7 February, lost their jobs all of Dagestan employees of traffic police. Instead of them on duty came police officers, seconded from other regions of Russia, and the men of Regardie, according to informed sources.

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What will major reshuffle of the parallel criminal cases, “MK” found at Ahmet Yarlykapov, senior researcher of the Center for Caucasus and regional security MGIMO:

— It is obvious that the former ruling elite of Dagestan is no more trust. Now these people are trying to dislodge and replace at least by someone, so we can assume that in the future, “Vikings” will be even greater. Thus to replace all the local officials for out-of-towners will not work. The Republican government in any case will be based on.

For its part, the local elites will not rebel against the command Vasiliev. First, this is facilitated by the determination demonstrated by the Federal center. Second, local residents are delighted that they began to put corrupt officials they rejoice in the triumph of justice, even to a small part of it.

What will happen after the reshuffle is not clear. They can be associated as an attempt to overcome the systemic crisis in Dagestan and in order to clear a space for the team of the new head of the Republic. In the second case, it may be limited to the fact that the old corrupt officials replace their more modest counterparts.

Anyway, the local population in any way feel changes. The criminal proceedings were instituted on the embezzlement in the social sphere. It is known that these spheres were the most corrupt. Now if there is a will to restore order, it will primarily hit the ordinary Dagestanis. In particular, so many are getting bogus social benefits on disability, by means of corruption cashed maternity capital and so on. Of course, all this they do in order to at least somehow survive in those difficult conditions in which they appeared, but now this will have to give. But how quickly authorities will be able to restore the social sphere, is a big question.

We can confidently say that even in the next five years to overcome the current system in Dagestan will not work. The current government in the Republic formed from the time of the late USSR, and the clans are only a part of it. Even then, the regime could not contain the high levels of corruption, and influential circles groups controlled financial flows. The current planting is only the first step in implementing a long-term program, if any.

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