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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In China have invented a sex doll that knows how to wash dishes

114 men in China have 100 women, and as a kind of “solution” to this problem, local producers of sex dolls presented unusual multifunctional robots. Allegedly, this kind of “helper” is capable, including, to communicate with the owner and to cope with the housework.

photo: loveandsexdolls.com

Allegedly, the robot is able to distinguish between the speech of the owner, to turn on and off home appliances and even to play some musical instruments, and has the skills of a nurse, write “news”.

This is not the first case when the Chinese developers say about a sex doll with the “extra features”. In 2015, it was announced the creation of a robot able to hold a conversation and behave almost like a normal person. Quite actively developing this kind of “industry” and in other countries — in Japan last year was held the festival of virtual sex, in London considered the possibility of opening a sex cafe “sexy cyborgs”, and in Barcelona, a sex cinema with robots. And on 27 February last year in Barcelona’s city centre has opened Europe’s first public building with silicone dolls instead of women

Some scientists (often self-proclaimed) sometimes say that the movement of progress in this direction can have unintended and sometimes dangerous consequences for humanity. In 2016 futurologist Ian Pearson said that in ten years robots designed for sex will be so perfect that people will lose interest to enter into an intimate relationship with each other. And the American expert in the field of cyber security Nick Patterson six months ago suggested that in the future hackers, the hackers will probably be able to hack the “smart” sex robots to force them to attack or even try to kill the owner.

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