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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Grudinin not left or Communist

In fact, already from the title, the authors, belong to the left camp, do not associate their hopes with this candidate. But no, as usual, a blessing in disguise. Version of the IGSO, the nomination Grudinina “contributed to the convergence and consolidation of a large number of people, groups and movements opposed to it.” Which in turn “creates a platform for the formation of a future left coalition, which has the potential to act not only as the replacement of outmoded Communist party, but also as a serious political alternative”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Grudinina candidate nominated by the Communist party caused, according to the report, sharp disputes among the left. Someone welcomed the decision, seeing in the events a sign of the new developments in the party. And someone skeptical or even negatively. The result of the polemic became a “hard separation between the two currents, in some ways reminiscent of the split in Russian social democracy into the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks.” And this development, according to the IGSO experts, quite naturally, as “candidate Grudinina as if specially designed to cause maximum irritation in the nuclear electorate of the Communist party and the left part of the opposition.”

According to the authors of the report, “the millionaire and the Russian oligarch Pavel Grudinin” is not a “neither left nor Communist, nor even a serious contender for the presidency, but his nomination from the Communist party shows that the party in its current form is not capable not only to play the role of the left opposition, but have completely lost touch with their historic roots and traditions.”

Extremely skeptical is reported, and the election campaign of the candidate from the Communist party: “the Real election campaign suggests a completely different level of activity of the candidate… Not being a single candidate of the left, nor the people’s candidate, Grudinin not making serious efforts to become, not lead the mobilization campaign does not communicate with the masses, is not forms a team of activists and managers… The attempts of the “Left front” to revive the campaign and give it a radical are blocked by the same electoral headquarters of the candidate, are in flagrant contradiction with his personality and goals”.

As for the goals, the report contains more than a transparent allusion to the fact that Grudinin is not committed to victory: “Even many supporters fear that the role of the election will boil down to is pre-painted to match-fixing scenario, in which the speech of the candidate intended to revive interest in voting, not more. The only element of uncertainty in this process is the rivalry of the Communist party and the LDPR Zhirinovsky for second place, but in this case the chances of Grudinina are not uncontested.”

Grudinin – “a man absolutely a stranger to the nuclear electorate of the Communist party”, says the findings of the report one of its authors, journalist and politician Anatoly Baranov. According to him, a candidate with such a background and such a campaign can only count on very modest result. But that, he said, is the main advantage of Grudinina in the “scriptable applications”: “He not take too much. We do not see the candidate from the opposition, and, unfortunately, not skillfully made simulacrum”. Grudinin, the expert believes, seeks “not to go beyond boxes, beyond the script.” Moreover, in his opinion, the candidate from the Communist party quite often, “says minus to yourself”, “Where we learned that on New year he will go to Germany to ski? He told about it!”

“Grudinin is not a stupid man, so all of this is done consciously” the conclusion that sheep. According to experts, the candidate does not think so much about elections, but about what will happen after them: “How would he then not have to report to different commissions and prosecutors”. The author of the report understands the concerns Grudinina and even sympathizes with him: “This is our primitive political theater, unfortunately, evil. This is not a children’s tale. The tale is sometimes scary…”

In fairness, however, it should be noted that the idea of nominating Grudinina was not born in the minds of operatastic functionaries, and in an environment hungry for change a new, non-systemic left – “red oligarch” has won a convincing victory in the primaries conducted by the movement “Left front”. For reference: a preliminary vote to determine a single left candidate, took place on 30 November. And it was not a game of giveaway. In the second, decisive round Grudinin “made” famous politician, former Deputy Chairman of audit chamber Yury Boldyreva. And this has bypassed such persons, as Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov, writers Zakhar Prilepin and Sergey Shargunov, a scientist Zhores Alferov, the economist Sergei Glazyev, TV presenter Maxim Shevchenko. And many others.

In other words, rumors that the candidate Grudinina was imposed on the left renegades-Zyuganov, to put it mildly, exaggerated. Rather, it associates Sergei Udaltsov “foisted” Grudinina which goes to the Communist party. Immediately after the primaries “levorotary” it was stated that they would seek to nominate candidates – and best of all a single candidate – “which are maximum support of our voters in the first place – Pavel Grudinina”. And still the “Left front” in no way disappointed in his choice. Recently held Congress of the movement decided to support Grudinina and “to take the most active part in its election campaign.” By the way, the leader “the Left front” evaluate it as very successful. The effectiveness of the campaign, according to Sergey Udaltsov, said in the first place that Grudinina “everywhere watered slops”.

Do not avoid accusations of political bias, that criticizing Grudinina, provide service authorities, and the report’s authors. In the author group of a different opinion on this subject. Version, Anatoly Baranov, no coincidence with the plans of the Kremlin – even if only tactical – is not in sight: “the Communist party conducts its election campaign strictly in line with the interests of the authorities. We are guilty only in the fact that on this report”. Who is more right in this debate, we will know soon. Not later than 18 March.

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