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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Grudinin criticizes Putin for his strengths

The candidate in presidents of Russia, a non-partisan nominee of the Communist party and Director of the farm to them. Lenin Pavel Grudinin answered questions popular presenter. He stressed that advocates for social justice, in particular progressive taxes, because the rich should pay more, although he admits that he is a fairly rich man. In conversation with Grudinina was raised with a wide range of issues from family dynasty candidate to Stalin.

photo: youtube.com

Popular presenter was Yuri Drude At the beginning of the conversation with him, Pavel Grudinin expressed regret over the fact that he is trapped in an electoral race. “When you walk the man with the camera, it’s frustrating when you do not ask questions about what you want to change in the country, and that you “stole” it hurts. The election campaign should not be dirty, we’re not fighting among ourselves, we fight for the fate of the country”, – said the candidate.

Previously, it seemed to him that the dirty politics in Russia is on the lower levels of government. Now, apparently, Grudinin already thinks. However, he is convinced: “the Presidential campaign should not be dirty because it touches on the fate of the people.”

Grudinin believes in your success. The reason for this may be that only two weeks after the statements about the desire to participate in the presidential race, the air station “Vesti FM”, he scored almost equal to the Vladimir Putin supporters.

Pavel Grudinin believes that many, if not all, depends on electoral activity of the people. “If all citizens, without exception, come to the elections, rigging will be impossible, – said Grudinin and supported this thesis by saying “Bad government is elected by good citizens who do not go on elections”.

Referring to the business activities of presidential candidate, Yuri Dude asked him a question, how true is the information that a strawberry brings only a tenth of the income of the farm

According to Pavel Grudinina, every year the numbers are different, for example, in the past year, from growing strawberries, the farm has received 270 million rubles of income, while the turnover was about 2 billion Probably Grudinin expected inevitable in such a situation, leading question, whether all of the remaining funds, and it is 1 billion 700 million rubles from renting land and facilities rental.

Renting, explained Grudinin, is when you provide all of its employees, including teachers and doctors, apartments in buildings that have built themselves, while surplus property sold, and the income is not directed to social needs. “If you built the money school, a kindergarten, a free fitness salon or pay lunch students, whom it must be galling?»

Continuing the theme of the business, Grudinin shared with the leading fact that the head of Department of rent of runs his son (“and he started as a loader”). Cousin Grudinina working as a mechanic on the farm. Earlier in the same farm his father worked as Deputy Director for economic policy, mother an accountant, one uncle – refrigerating other — tractor. Sister worked here as an agronomist, she was a guard, a cousin of the foreman of the farm, and aunt served as a teacher in the state farm kindergarten. “Our family worked at the farm a total of more than 250 years”, – said the head of agricultural enterprises. Grudinina have 4 children, two attend kindergarten, and one already grown up and became a businessman.

The state has made agricultural production unprofitable, says a professional farmer. This industry in our country is not subsidized, and the poor are not always able to buy a sufficient number of agricultural products. But the sphere of oil and gas are in a very favorable position, while the state has to do is not favorable to production, and the production, and the program Grudinina have a point. In addition, this turn of the economy is not something out of science fiction, “it is quite easy to achieve.”

Pavel Grudinin was opposed to censorship, although it considers that journalists self-censorship is necessary. But he has a positive attitude to Stalin, calling him “the best leader of the country for a hundred years.”

Respect for the chief due to the fact that Stalin achieved an annual GDP growth of 15% (“China is now growing at 6-7%, the world average GDP growth rate – 3%). Stalin did an illiterate country the country with the world’s best education and medicine. And in General, after 1945, when the country was in ruins, Stalin rebuilt it again and made it so that it was the Soviet Union some time later, launched the first Earth satellite.

The candidate-the businessman remembers his father, born in the Vologda village, but thanks to the socialist system who graduated from the agricultural Academy, get an apartment and raise children. “There was a huge number of citizens receiving benefits due to the fact that the country was ruled by Stalin”, – said Pavel Grudinin. Therefore, Grudinin, and the people still assesses Stalin mostly in a positive way.

Returning to the realities of today, a non-partisan Grudinin praised the leader of the nominating party Gennady Zyuganov for being on a sharp bend he could save the Communist party, was able to maintain the ideology adopted by the various countries, including Norway, Sweden, China. Groudine, as Zyuganov is convinced of the necessity of the introduction in Russia of progressive taxation, because “the rich should pay more”. Thus Pavel Grudinin does not deny that he himself is “fairly rich man”.

If the attitude to Joseph Stalin and Gennady Zyuganov quite simply, the attitude Grudinina to Vladimir Putin, with whom he enters into an election battle, it’s a little more complicated. “I am the Director of the farm and all the troubles you can blame me, although it’s not quite right, – said the candidate. – Do you think that for everything bad that happens in this country is to criticize Putin personally? The Communist party offers various parliamentary inquiries, including those related to friends of Putin, but the majority in Parliament does not belong to the Communist party.”

According to Pavel Grudinina, the main mistake Putin is following:

“The strong point of our President became his weak point, its the principle “its not pass” became his problem.” Putin does not have enough rigidity to those whom he has appointed, the government can not cope with the task, and he finds no power to dismiss Ministers and to hire a “normal Manager”. Grudinin has in mind “not only Medvedev, but also other non-professionals”.

In addition, the “Putin needs to bring everything to the end, because you can’t be half pregnant”. And Putin is not always doing it. An example is the Donbass. If Grudinin President, he would not have to attach it to Russia, but independence would be recognized.

The presenter asked if Grudinin in the case of losing the presidential race to occupy the post of Prime Minister, if such offer arrives.

It depends on what conditions they will be exposed and will offer the party its own terms. It is theoretically possible, but in this case, Grudinin will not come alone, but with the team. This team is sure to be Gennady Zyuganov, it can be a place for Alexei Navalny, who could be trusted rukovodstv by the chamber of accounts or audit office of the President. But in any case to appoint Ministers and determine the tariff policy will be personally Grudinin, had he ever become Prime Minister.

According to Pavel Grudinina, today in Russia is a classic revolutionary situation when tops cannot, and bottoms do not want. “People are no longer willing to tolerate corruption, injustice, and they need to come to the polls. Only through legitimate elections can change the situation in the country” – said the presidential candidate. At the end of the conversation he swore by his children that have never entered into an agreement with either the state Department or the Kremlin and I made a bet with the leading program. If Grudinin gain less than 15%, he’ll shave off his mustache. If you get more — leading cut my hair bald.

According to some analysts, the overtures against Stalin by not loving the censorship of the candidate-the businessman looks disingenuous and rather are a requirement of the nominating party. No more convincing and criticism of Vladimir Putin, which will formally Grudinina to cross swords. In the words of the candidate himself, “you can’t be half pregnant”. However, not trying to do it himself?

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